Stylish Clothes for Stylish Kids

Sewing Children's Clothes coverSewing Children’s Clothes: a Golden Hands Pattern Book

Submitter: There were three copies of this book on my local public library shelf. My friend and I had quite a chuckle looking back at children’s fashions from 1973. We thought the clothing looked even older!

Holly: Three copies? One is unnecessary, two is overkill, and three is just laziness and collection neglect. Sure, some of you are thinking that you just use more modern fabrics and tweak the lines a bit and you have perfectly modern kids’ clothes. I’m sure very skilled sewers could pull that off, but why would we make them when there are so many great new sewing pattern books available now?

Crisp pants suit

pajamas with elastic waist



vest and pants



  1. Honestly? The little kids’ clothes never seem to change – updated fabrics and a few updates. Basically, these look like the beginnings to any outfit.

  2. My mom used to sew my clothes by hand, and my Halloween costumes as well. One outfit she made for me was a sailor-style suit with knickers (short pants with elastic at the knees). I loved the outfit as a kid but if I wore pants like that today I’d be humiliated and the elastic would bite at my legs. Of course, if it was a skirt I’d be sporting the Japanese schoolgirl look about two decades before it was known about in North America. 🙂

  3. Rick-rack! I had to make a dress and wear it to school for Jr. High Home Ec., and it had detailing in rick-rack!

    Also, LOVE the ‘lil leisure suit.

  4. I don’t know, the examples of what’s in the book if you just didn’t do the rick-rack and ruffles look an awful lot like kids’ clothes today. Well, I should say fancier, dress up kid’s clothing, not every day play wear, more like family photo clothes.

  5. Pa-ja-ma? What was this thing they called a pa-ja-ma? A matching outfit you wear to sleep? Sure, my sleepwear matches; the sweatpants and t-shirt are both grey. And as Mary Watkins alludes, putting your son in a pantsuit that matches his sister’s is a swell way to ensure he gets his butt kicked.

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