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Amateur TaxidermistThe Amateur Taxidermist: How to stuff and mount birds, fish, and furred animals

Submitter: First, there are some disturbing images of animals in this post. My local library has a storage section for books that get little to no use. I found this one and had to check it out! The images are pretty gruesome but one can expect that from a book on taxidermy. Not sure if it’s truly awful, it is 40 years old and quirky.

Holly: I don’t know if taxidermy has changed much since 1972 or not, but it just seems like if something like this is still popular and a viable subject then libraries should make new, shiny books on the subject available. My sister was born in 1972 and she’s really old, so I think we can update books from that era too. 😉

obtaining a specimen

placing the eyes

mounting the legs of mammals

nose not separated from skull


  1. “As soon as the animal is killed note the colour of its eyes. Always have a notebook with you when you go to the … zoo.”

    Really? There are special killing zoos? Where it is normal to take both a gun and a notebook?

  2. Honestly, what horrifies me most is that Submitter’s library has an entire ROOM full of books that need to be weeded!

  3. There are indeed more recent books on taxidermy. Several years ago, I ordered a few new books on taxidermy for my library.

  4. My dad’s been hunting for years, so I’m more or less used to seeing this kind of thing. I hate it when people label hunters as cold-blooded, evil killers because my dad’s not like that at all.

    1. Yeah, people don’t understand that true sportsmen/women are bigger environmentalists than environmentalists. We’re not going to over hunt or over fish or pollute an area and ruin our fun.

      As for the book, I’m sure taxidermy has new tools and new chemicals to use.

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