Street Smart Survival

smart survval coverStreet Smart Survival
A Nineties Guide to Staying Alive and Living Well

When this title first caught my eye, I was thinking it was a “live better”,  self-help kind of book.  Wow, this is NOT what I expected.  This book details how to survive in a post apocalyptic type of world.  After hearing stories about Katrina, this kinds of book does have a place in a library collection.  Urban survival is a good topic but I would imagine that we need an updated version.  Take a look at some of this content and see for yourself.  Maybe FEMA should be reading this?





  1. Ah, Paladin Press. Infamous for “How To Kill” and other fake declassified books. Reputedly set up to flood the market with fake works and act as a smokescreen so people wouldn’t see all the real stuff that FoIA had started making available. I think Paladin may even have bought the rights to a lot of the more sensitive documents and sat on them.

    Anyway, doing anything recommended in a Paladin Press book is…risky at best. They have plenty of true stuff in them, but anything that looks too good to be true is almost definitely a lie.

  2. I like how they think that, if you feel you’re paying too much in taxes, the best solution is to make the IRS have to waste more tax money. That’s some brilliant logic right there.

  3. Wow. This is so fantastic, I may have to find it on ILL and suggest it for our ladies’ book club!

  4. So, creating fake people and wasting government time and resources ensures a better survival rate? I had no idea….

  5. Awesome, I am buying a copy of this book for a friend.

    Another way to drive a company crazy is to stuff scraps of paper in those envelops that cred card companies send you. The credit card company pays for the return sending.

    My dad work for the PO and he says he sees thousands of them full of junk going back to them. People who are pissed off at them and making them pay for it.

  6. Holy Homeland Security, Batman!

    I try to keep an open mind about the material on our shelves, but after reading some of those excerpts, I’d be terrified to ask people checking out this book if they’d mind clearing up their overdue fines.

    Of course, it *would* come from Paladin Press. That explains a lot…

  7. This is the type of stuff that had to be put in an actual book before the Internet became widespread. I’m sure there are “updated” versions all over the web, so now there’s no need for a book version of this. (Although I agree a well-written reasonable person’s guide to surviving a disaster would be useful.)

  8. I’m fairly certain I knew how to screen calls in the early 90s, without resorting to these kinds of tactics. Of course with caller ID now, I don’t answer the phone at all if I don’t see/recognize who it is calling.

  9. Paladin Press were sort of influential in their day. Not so much for their “practical” tips as for the implicit world-view they expressed. I’d say keep on that basis. Along with Loompanics, and, more on the respectable side, Amok, they definitely pinpoint a particular moment in the evolution of the rightward end of the counterculture, as do RE/Search and Autonomedia/Semitext(e), and the oddly similar Eden Press on the leftward side. As with the notorious Anarchist’s Cookbook, I doubt they know what they are talking about (for that, I suppose one would want Army training materials?) but it hardly matters. In a significant sense, this is the best source you’re going to get into the mind of the kine of development that runs: Liberty Lobby / Survivalism / Patriot movement / Militia movement /Minutemen / Tea Party set.

  10. I was thinking that Loompanics had to do with Oompa Loompas and Panic (panic at the thought of Oompa Loompas?); bit of a disappointment to find out that wasn’t it. Oh well. I have to say, I wouldn’t want to be the person answering the door when the feds eventually showed up to ask about the fake tax returns…

  11. I think we have passed the genre of “disaster survival” and careened straight into “subvert the evil gubb’mint” territory…

  12. The suggestion for wasting tax collectors’ time really caught my eye. What they have suggested doing is itself a crime – perjury.