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Still crazy after all these years

Understanding “Senility”
A Layperson’s Guide
Fraser and Thornton

While I appreciate this author’s use of the quotations and the attempt to combat the stereotype of senility as part of a “normal aging process”, this book is simply too old for a modern health collection.    Issues of  dementia and Alzheimer’s are devastating for patients and their families and up-to-date information is crucial for a public library.  Weed it!


6 Responses to Still crazy after all these years

  • I love those “senior colors,” too. Somehow, those shades of purple and the like seem to contain coded messages about “you know, that maturity, best years of your life stuff.”

    I had a wonderful time designing a gift box label for my husband’s 67th birthday. He makes mobiles, so I put together a box of interesting odds and ends that for that purpose and made a label (in just that sort of muted “tastefully sensitive” colors) saying “Senior Mobility Kit.” Then I added clip art to match — you know, the kind with fit, barely grey models strolling on the beach or clinking glasses of white wine together. It was a real hit!

  • I thought it said “Understanding Sterility.”

    I need to hit the optometrist.

  • I love the word “Senility” in the heavy quotes…I can almost see the fingers around them…right above the word “layperson’s”. Far more tactful than “Idiot’s Guides” or the “…for Dummies” series. Is anyone else put off by those very instructive (and popular) but slightly insulting titles? Which is more disdainful?

    How about “My god, woman, are you daft?!” series?

  • Everything’s more “disturbing” with scare quotes.

  • I don’t know about you, but I wanna be a “Layperson” for a really long time!

  • I agree with Steph and have always found those series titles deeply patronising. It got worse after they went beyond computer books & you started getting things like “Idiot’s guide to Existentialism” and “The Holocaust for Dummies”.

    Isn’t it about time the word ‘demetia’ became politically uncorrect too?