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No Pressure Steam Cooking


Submitter:  Here is another gem found in our booksale (no that is not our price tag on the cover).  There are no limits to the “steam” puns.  Who knew that a romantic dinner for two could be so steamy?!

Holly:  There have to be more current steam-cooking books on the market.

10 Responses to Steamy!

  • There’s probably more up to date recipes and such, but I’ll tell you this, the equipment from that era and older is superior to today’s! I found some old 60’s Tupperware at the Salvation Army that my mom “borrowed” from me to store flour and sugar because they not only sealed better than her modern stuff, but they also are easier for her to open with her arthritis. I also have an old electric peculator that makes way better coffee and works way better than mom’s Mr. Coffee. Some of mom’s best pans are from when she first got married at 19. (She’s 68.)

    Weed books like this, for sure, but don’t be too quick to throw out the equipment!

  • My Grandmother canned her garden vegetables and fruit from her peach and plum trees. I was a little kid and that pressure cooker scared the hell out of me. I don’t recall it ever being used for regular cooking; guess for some it was a timesaver like the microwave is for us.

  • Considering how old it is, the cover is amazingly current-looking. The content photos on the other hand…

  • I still prefer the similarly written “Self-defense” book that had bad jokes for chapter headings. On a side note, what font is that? I’ve never seen it before.

  • I have an excellent electric waffle iron from the 1920s. Got it at an estate sale. It looked like it had never been used – probably a wedding gift. And it works just fine.

  • I agree with the cover that steaming can be a healthy way to cook food. But the puns! The PUNS!

  • I couldn’t live without my rice & vegetable steamers–I use them several times a week. On the other hand, steamed eggs? I think not.

  • I like the fact that chapter 1 is called Damn the Torpedoes. Mr. Steam guy must be a Tom Petty fan.

  • Did anyone find the pictures unintentionally amusing? I agree with Jami, older kitchen equipment is so much better than new. I go to estate sales frequently (Liiiiike preeeetty much every week) just so I can find some vintage gadgets. We have old iron skillet that work better and wear out way less then the teflon coated pans of today. Vintage steak knives that are so much better to use than the old (newer) ones we had. Tupperware that seals better and looks less flimsey. I have a crepe pan and some cookie sheets from the 70s that look brand new and very easy to use. Not too mention all the cool funky retro glasses we drink out of.

  • I’d like to point out an exception to the comments about old cookware being better–pressure cookers. Old pressure cookers were ridiculously dangerous. New ones work just as well, if not better, but with safety mechanisms. Same thing with deep friers. Basically anything innately dangerous, probably.