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Song, Speech, and Ventriloquism

This is actually an interesting book. There is a bit of science about how speech and singing work and an introduction to the art of ventriloquism. Too bad no one will ever know because the illustrations are dated and not particularly helpful. With an update and a better book design, this could be a cool book for a kid’s nonfiction collection. A snappier title would help as well. Regardless, the dated look means that kids probably wouldn’t take a second look. Unless this was an extremely popular book, I would weed this and not look back.


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  1. The second to last page just reminds me how much I wish I took a course in college that covered IPA, and the last one is beautiful for how it relates qualitative things (the higher ranges are pointier) and measurable things (the ranges and their overlap). I didn’t know that soprano and bass actually slightly overlap!


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