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Space: Battleground of the Future

Space battleground of the Future - coverSpace: Battleground of the Future?
1983, revised 1988

Submitter: In honor of the final days of the shuttle program, we’d like to share with you, “Space: Battleground of the Future?” by L. B. Taylor Jr., 1983, revised 1988. [Weeded in December 2010] This is an ode to Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” project. They’re full of dense detailed information about how promising some parts of the space weaponry program are. Of course, most of them didn’t work or didn’t happen at all. There aren’t really any great scans I can get of the inside, but I’ll give you some of the better chapter titles instead.
Chapter Four: The Remarkable Laser
Chapter Five: Exotic Weaponery
Chapter Six”Smart Bullets”
Chapter Seventeen: The Soviet Program
Chapter Eighteen: Killer Satellites
Chapter Nineteen: Command Posts in Space
There is, of course, Chapter Fourteen: “The All-Purpose Shuttle” (R.I.P.)

At this point, I think it’s safe to answer that space was not, in fact, the battleground of the future.

Holly: End of an era, for sure.  Hopefully some books will come out soon that are a history of the space shuttle program that covers it all, including this last recent flight.  Then we can weed all previous space shuttle books.

Space Battleground of the Future - back cover

7 Responses to Space: Battleground of the Future

  • I recall reading about this one on the now-dead SunLink Weed of the Month (RIP). My first exposure to weeding…

  • Pew, pew, pew.

  • I do like the cover pics. It looks like a scifi movie.

  • It’s not the future yet. The battleground in space is still years away.

  • As L. Ron Hubbard helpfully informed us, it will be BattleGround, Earth! If only we had the foresight to implement a Star Wars defense strategy BEFORE the fateful day that mankind is enslaved by evil alien invaders!

  • Reagan had such an imagination. While other politians talked about taxes and schools, Reagan was envisioning battles in space. It was impractical, to be sure, but I think it’s kind of neat that we can say we once had a president who was this interesting.

  • Oooh, I’d love to own that book!