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Soup is Good Food


Great Restaurants Cookbook, USA
Rutledge Books
1969 (?)

Of course I can’t resist a good cookbook from yesteryear.  This one does not disappoint. Naturally there are a couple of gelatin dishes featuring Cambell’s Tomato Soup. The challenge becomes do we eat the shrimp and tomato aspic or the delightful ham mold? I had no idea soup was so versatile.


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8 Responses to Soup is Good Food

  • Did anybody do a search and see if these “Great Restaurants” are still around?

  • The more of these I see, the more I want some gelatin and some interesting molds.

  • Biggs Restaurant in Chicago is closed– although that looks fairly recent. But the Pirate’s House is still alive and kicking in Savannah. Perhaps they still make the porcupine meatballs!

  • Kathy, the Pirates House in Savannah, Ga. is still in existence today.
    Who wouldn’t want to eat dinner at a pirates house?

  • I must say I was a bit disappointed (although relieved at the same time) to see that the porcupine meatballs don’t contain porcupine meat.

  • Ham Buffet Mold and Porcupine Meatballs are not fit to be mentioned on the same page at the Pirate’s House!

  • The juxtaposition of those bushels of real, red, fresh tomatoes in the background with that…structure in the foreground is just, well, sad. Most of these recipes take some worthy ingredients and then “dress them up” with processed things like canned cheese soup — why, why?* And they put celery into almost everything, yuck. Granted that not everyone loathes celery as I do — I have an “allergy” to it (can’t remember the proper way I am supposed to refer to this now, but it definitely does not agree with me) — but surely no ingredient except something basic like butter or salt belongs in so many different dishes? What does celery possibly bring to a cream of almond soup?! *oops, I see why — the book is from Campbell’s. Maybe they push celery on the side?

  • My mother used to make Porcupine Meatballs. They were good.