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Somewhere a Cat is Waiting

Somewhere a Cat is Waiting

Submitter: Beauty. I have 4 cats, and I’ve never seen one wait for anything but food.

Holly: First, a little background on Derek Tangye. *Some* libraries out there may have a reason to keep this. Libraries in, say, Cornwall. Seriously, though, Tangye’s simple descriptions of rural life may appeal to people who like James Harriot books, for example. That said, Submitter has made me laugh with his/her captions (see images below), and that’s enough for me!

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(Above) Submitter: What are these two doing? One doesn’t seem to want to wait at all.

(Above) Submitter: Inspiration for Rodin.

(Above) Submitter: Here he is…waiting…to KILL YOU!

4 Responses to Somewhere a Cat is Waiting

  • Ahhahhaa. I adore that final caption. I love cats, have two now, and they like to wait in random places. Around the corner, in the dark. Just sitting. Being Creepy.

    • Very creepy. We think our Benny sees fairies and when he catches one he’ll get on late night television! If that doesn’t work out, he will be the fattest cat in the world.
      That last photo and caption are great! The cat looks like our fat, fairy hunter too.

  • Oooh! I love his books.
    They are a bit hard to get hold on here in Norway (no I haven’t been searching at amazon or ebay etc., I really can’t afford to buy all the books by all the authors I love – not to mention trying to fit them all in my small house…), I have maybe three, I love how he describes all the personalities and how they meet and live together.

    But, well, yes, it is not a common library book.
    Make sure one or more kopies are available for inter-library loans for cat lovers like me and all is well with the world.

  • It’s Herriot, not Harriot. James Herriot was the pen name of Dr. James Alfred Wright, a British veterinarian and writer.