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You Can Do The CubeYou Can Do the Cube

The Rubik’s Cube is another puzzle skill I don’t have. Even with directions and help, I doubt I would get this to work. Holly, however, is a champ at the Rubik’s Cube – obviously the result of a misspent youth. Rubik’s Cube was a huge deal in the 80s and I still see people playing with the puzzle from time to time. As you can see from the pictures, this particular book is barely hanging on and probably needs to be replaced.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this or a weeder, condition not withstanding. The author’s age and the whole idea of a kid solving the puzzle, when no one could, is a cool story. I would imagine the content is still good. I actually think that this book might work despite the age in a puzzle-oriented collection, but I think most folks would probably run to YouTube to solve the puzzle, not checkout a book.

Bottom line: a definite weeder on condition, but you can make a case for keeping it in a regular collection.

Enjoy the 80’s @yourlibrary,


You Can Do the Cube back cover

cube maintenance

to begin solving the cube

the sixer trick



  1. I remember solving the puzzle by numbering the pieces and then systematically working through all the possible solutions. I don’t remember how long this took.

  2. I had this book. I’m like you: even with the book, I was useless at solving the puzzle (although if someone ELSE solved it, I could figure out how to make all the cool star patterns and then get it back again). The kid’s story was the cool part for sure.

  3. I figured out how to solve the puzzle when I was a kid. I just peeled off the colored squared and then stuck them back on in the same color on each side.

  4. I needed this book yesterday! I actually had a question regarding a book which would help with the Rubik’s Cube. I ended up referring the family to YouTube…

    (NOT saying that the book should have been in my branch library. I would have weeded it earlier had I seen it.)

  5. Cubing is a HUGE deal at my sons middle school. The “good” cubers can solve the cube in less than a minute, he’s got a friend who can do it in about 30 seconds. I’ve seen it. It’s insane. They also make cubes that are bigger, smaller, and different shapes (we have several). He would never check out a book on cubing, even if his school library had one. But he does watch a lot of cubing videos, and the algorithms they use are different than this book, so I think it would just confuse anyone who has started to learn via video, or someone who starts here and then goes to video for more in depth tutorials. Oh, and the only pattern I can solve is the checkerboard, because that’s just a few simple twists.

  6. Does anyone else think he looks a bit like Harry Potter? I just took off the stickers and moved them when I couldn’t figure out the cube…

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