Snag a boyfriend with a meal!

Teen Time Cooking coverTeen-Time Cooking
with Carnation

Want to be one of the cool kids? Break out the apron and you can be popular and throw the perfect party with help from this little book. Naturally, Sad Susie is totally unpopular with the boys, but she can at least get her girlfriends together and throw a little party. One of those girls might have a cute brother or cousin and with your cooking skills you might be able to snag a new boyfriend. Naturally, we have a molded tuna salad recipe with gelatin to make sure you can properly “shape” your food. I am sure this recipe is a sure bet for attracting a man.



first rules of the kitchen road

Ring around tuna salad

Planning a party

Teen Time Cooking



  1. I really like this! The copy and the illustrations are what my mom would have called “good of type.” It belongs in a cookbook archive, though, not taking up space in a working library.

    1. In a modern cookbook, “Salad making new to you?” would not be followed by information about dissolving gelatin. THANK GOODNESS.

  2. People just don’t dress up like that when they come to my parties (sigh….). Maybe it’s because I don’t serve Ring around tuna salad! However, I have used the 5-minute fudge recipe many times, and people seem to like it, but they still don’t dress up.

  3. I can see someone snapping up this book at a library sale. The pictures are really sort of fun, and the kitchen information is still relevant. (The recipes, though….)

  4. Now, this is just a wild, going-out-on-a-limb guess … but is it possible this book was published by the people who make and sell CARNATION EVAPORATED MILK?

  5. I think we had this when I was a teenager in the late 60s and early 70s — it had a recipe for chocolate sauce that involved a can of Carnation and was to die for.

  6. Is this a party or a prom? Seriously, though, the illustrations, while fabulous (I love this type of art) really look more like something from a Fred Astaire movie than a cookbook.

  7. It’s fun to imagine this being narrated by the Talking Malibu Stacy doll from The Simpson’s: “Now let’s forget our troubles with a big bowl of Carnation’s Strawberry Ice Cream!”

  8. Oh God, I collect these sorts of cookbooks. Somewhere about the twentieth recipe they usually get desperate to work out how to slip their product into another meal!

  9. I hope Sad Susie isn’t trying to hook up with the boy in the navy sweater. I think he’s a “Permanent Bachelor” as the old ladies at the beauty parlor would say….. Sad Susie will end up Suicidal Susie if she dates and then marries him….

  10. Um, possibly I am dating myself, but I know for a fact that there were automatic dishwashers in 1959. That would have been my piece of dishwashing advice — get one. You’ll have more time to party or dissolve the gelatin or whatever!

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