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Smoke ’em if you got ’em

how to get more fun out of smoking

How to Get More Fun Out of Smoking

What’s not to love about smoking?  The cancer!  The excise taxes!  The inability to light up anywhere you want!  Finally, a book to bring back the fun of tobacco.

This book is a hoot.  It does belong in archives or special collections as it is a great insight into the tobacco culture of yesteryear.  I still laugh that even back in the day, someone would think there needs to be a book about smoking. Imagine sitting in the pitch meeting for that book. “I don’t know if the kids will take to smoking if we don’t really convince them of the fun.”

Take a look at the second and third scan below. Pregnant moms can light up with no problems. Reported heart/lung issues also haven’t been proven, so live wild!  Perhaps this might be a nice choice to promote “balance” in the collection.


tobacco and the smoker

effects of smoking

smoking and pregnancy




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