Smells Like Christmas

scented Christmas cover

A Scented Christmas

This book, and another I weeded recently, suffered from a vomit/rot stink. I thought since this book was about scent, it was kind of poetic. The book itself was okay and circulated pretty well. It is an appropriate choice for any craft or holiday section. However, I am going get a newer book that doesn’t have that old book/death smell.




  1. As I get older, some of the best things about Christmas are all the unique scents: fresh pine and spruce, candles burned and foods cooked only once a year, colognes and perfumes gifted and re-gifted, and the funky smells of ornaments that return every year like old friends. A distinct smell can bring back a memory more crisply than any photograph — especially if it’s the memory of a time long gone or a loved one no longer with us. Hopefully you’ll find a suitable replacement for this book.

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