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Submitter: I found this as I was weeding the children’s section of our public library. It’s copyright is 1977; it was acquired in 1982; it hasn’t been checked out since 1997.  My first thought when I pulled the book off the shelf was, “Is that Bob Saget?” The nicest thing I can say about the pictures is that they are dated. Some are actually slightly disturbing, like the centerfold pose illustrating digestion. Honestly, I was too distracted by the guy wearing the unitard that I couldn’t concentrate on any of the information presented in this book. Some further Internet research revealed some YouTube clips of Slim Goodbody [such as this one]. Slim Goodbody is also still touring the US and giving presentations at elementary schools. I can only hope his books have been updated a little bit.

Holly: Ha ha ha! Oh, man, this is awesome. I think kids would enjoy something like this! I agree that 1977  is definitely pushing the limits of useful, but I’m surprised it hasn’t circulated better. It’s funny. I used to be obsessed with the transparent overlay pages in the World Book under “human body” and would have thought this was cool (that was 1982…). Bob Saget + Richard Simmons + Dustin Diamond = Slim Goodbody.

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  1. I remember watching something like this on PBS probably around 1983. It was amusing, although I was 3 so my memory is a little fuzzy. Kind of surprised to hear that it’s still around.

    1. I remember watching him on VHS in elementary school, maybe around age 8-9. I thought he was creepy.

  2. I remember seeing him around the early ’80s as well, so he was active for at least 5-6 years. I can’t recall if he had his own show, or just turned up on various children’s shows and morning television.

    And, even as a kid, I found the whole thing creepy. If you’re incapable of suspending disbelief, then you’re stuck staring at a man with a perm wearing an alarmingly snug body suit. If you have a healthy enough imagination to buy into the concept, then you’re staring at a nude, neutered man wearing his insides on the outside of his body. Neither option is pleasant.

      1. I know I watched Captain Kangaroo as a kid, and I probably would have still been just young enough to catch his solo series on PBS that the wiki page mentions, probably in between other shows I was watching. That would explain where my memories come from.

  3. D8 AHHHH!!!! I had completely forgotten about Slim Goodbody until I saw the pictures. I guess I’m sleeping with the lights on tonight.

  4. Wow, you just brought me back to my childhood! I am afraid to see what Slim looks like in a unitard 35 years later.

    1. According to his wikipedia page, he still tours in the unitard. And apparently he was in that recent Radio Shack commercial.

  5. I guess I’m old. This guy was on when my kids were little. I was too old for most of the educational stuff. I learned to read with “comic books”. How lucky you younger folks were. Hee, hee, hee….

  6. I’m too young too have seen the Slim Goodbody show, but I remember reading about it once online and watching some YouTube clips. The creepy thing is that he always seems so happy to show you his insides, or, if you can’t suspend your disbelief, his spandexed crotch! Also, the “Slim’s Clothing Store” is a riot! No poem for children should involve the words “birthday suit”! It also seems, at first glance, like it’s a sales pitch for someone selling people’s skins, maybe from his victims. The poorly drawn sign adds to the overall sketchiness. 🙂

  7. I am glad to hear that Slim Goodbody is still around, teaching kids. My now 21-year-old son watched quite a bit of that on PBS (and I watched quite a bit of that with him) … he learned the health hazards associated with smoking (among many other things) from the program and felt so strongly that he would tell adults (acquaintances of ours) not to smoke … when he was 4- or 5- years old! It is weird for adults to watch but kids love it and benefit from the educational value of the program.

  8. There’s a new Slim Goodbody and he has a girlfriend. And his own show. I think the old doesn’t fit his unitard any more.

    1. It’s still the same guy. He’s quite a bit older, of course, but still thin. The suit has evolved over the years, with more vivid and added depictions of bodyparts.

  9. I remember watching his show as a kid (pre-K time frame). I was confused as to why a naked man was allowed on television, but I did enjoy learning about the body. I can’t believe that he’s still touring!

  10. I remember watching Slim in elementary school! Until today’s post, I would have sworn that Slim Goodbody was played by Richard Simmons.

  11. This guy came and performed at an elementary school I worked at in Maryland 10 years ago. It was quite entertaining actually, lots of singing and well choreographed dance moves….totally campy. He spoke out against mcdonalds and junk cereal as well. Seemed to be in pretty good shape back then.

  12. I met Slim Goodbody in the mid-80s. He was devoted to his work, kind and insightful. I later became a psychologist and now have a had occasion to share non-health related advice he gave to me.

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