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Sleazy Dating Tips for Gentlemen

Let's Make Mary coverLet’s Make Mary
(original copyright 1937)

Jack Hanley is one of the godfathers of sleazy materials.  Evidently this book is still in publication.  In 2011, Curzon Press released another edition.  Before the 2011 edition, the last published copy was in 1964.  Library holdings are in university collections.

Hanley has all sorts of good advice about making “friends” with the ladies.  (He also reminds us she probably is no lady, if she is “friendly”).  Other strategies include alcohol, overwhelming physical attention (read: rape), and how to choose the right target.  I can’t decide if this is a hilarious attempt at dating advice or semi-serious.  This is what my father would call a dirty book.

Anyone know anything about this book?

-Mary (Not the one on the cover)

Let's Make Mary back cover

Fuddle-Duddle hollow leg syndrom

16 Responses to Sleazy Dating Tips for Gentlemen

  • I have never seen a list of clever one-liners in a pick-up book that I could say with a straight face. That now includes this one.

  • Great cover art by George Ziel

  • Why do I hear Quagmire’s voice when I read this? Giggity

  • The pick up lines remind me of The Continental skits on SNL. Didn’t work so well for him either.

  • Why is the audience for these things called “gentlemen”? They’re not!

  • When I’ve been the recipient of non sequiturs like these, I come away confused, not interested. It’s only when I get home later (alone) that I realize someone was trying to pick up on me.

  • @Lurker: “Gentlemen” is correct so long as you leave the sarcasm quotes around the word. 🙂

  • Surely this book is satirical! I mean, seriously?

  • No, I’ve seen more recent ones that are almost as bad. So not satirical.

  • Anybody else notice that the cover says 35 cents? Wow, I can’t imagine a paperback costing only 35 cents!

  • They were 40-50 cents back when I started buying books in the late 60s.

  • A second thought: Anyone who treats women as this book suggests is NOT a gentleman.

  • Also, it’s old enough to be 35 cents and be in a library. I haven’t seen the word expurgated in print in a long time. Had to look it up.

    Adj. 1. unexpurgated – not having material deleted; “volumes of the best plays, unexpurgated”- Havelock Ellis
    uncensored – not subject to censorship; “uncensored news reports”

  • It’s obviously meant to be humor. (Just look at the multiple-choice answers.) But its time has passed.
    And the reference to Rock Hudson has been made ironic by history.

    • Second the satire/humor vote. I have some very similar paperbacks fished off the “Free” shelf at my local used book store, and I think I recognize the cartoonist.

  • Hilarious. I’d pay to read that book aloud to dinner guests.