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Skin Diving Made Easy coverSkin Diving Made Easy: For Fun and Profit

Submitter: I recently bought this book at the discard sale at my local public library. The book is Skin Diving Made Easy: for Fun and Profit by Gene Tinker, copyright 1967. It features handy advice about how to profit by looting underwater archaeological sites and hunting endangered species, details about the equipment that was available for divers in 1967, and numerous references to the attractiveness of the female models in the pictures. What is most awful about this book though is that several sections have been torn out (including, to my great disappointment, the chapter on how skin diving is great for overwrought nerves). Someone noted 15 pages missing in 1993, and this book would have been horribly outdated then. Yikes!

Holly: Why the heck would a library note 15 missing pages, and then return the book to the shelf?  Applause to them for finally weeding it to their used book sale!



  1. Men’s hobby magazines and books remain unrepentant about gratuitous use of bikini-clad models. Naturally the first thing a typical bikini wearer wants to do when someone hauls up a huge barracuda is stand ever so close to the thrashing fish.

    (Nikonos, that first camera brand, still makes a pretty straightforward, rugged camera for the SCUBA set. Later models were orange…. But it’s much the same market, and they’re selling a pretty similar camera today.)

    1. And from 10 years later, who can forget Jacqueline Bisset in the opening scenes from The Deep…oh wait, what were we talking about?

    2. Your comment, in combination with the trouble I’ve had with sports and entertainment books, makes me wonder if those 15 pages missing were mostly pictures.

  2. Some weeded books should bypass the annual sale altogether and be donated to art classes for altered book units. A book missing 15 pages is definitely a candidate for passing onto someone will use it as a platform for another art form.

    That said, I bet I took this book out of my public library when I was young, dying to pick up skills for becoming one of those adventuresome Bond girls that I never, ever came close to becoming. My parents did not allow two-piece swimsuits. In fact, the beach was pretty much off limits.

  3. I was doing fine until I got to the photography page you posted. I was literally screaming “OH, MY…. GOD!!!!!” at those relics from the Vintage Cheap Camera Museum! Ye Gods–M3 and M5 flashbulbs! I used many of those bulbs purchased surplus from the Pennsylvania State Police 25 years ago!!!!!!! And Instamatic cameras…….. [developing nervous twitches at the memories…]

  4. i would have been riveted to this book in ’76 when i was 13 and totally, totally fixated on diving, underwater stuff, jacques cousteau, etc…

    as for why pages are missing? well…those bikini models would have been just about right for a certain solo activity pubescent boys are known to engage in when they can find some privacy…

    1. As a British English speaker, I did laugh when I read your comment, and saw your name was ‘Randy’ 😀

  5. I’m still giggling a little about the 15 missing pages found in 1993.
    This is the kind of thing that makes me want to run, not walk, to my stacks and weed ruthlessly.

  6. Just a quick look at the cover and title made me think this was some sort of softcore lad mag stuff.

    “Skin Diving” hyuk, hyuk! wink, nudge.

  7. Why would they return it to the shelf, indeed? Not only that, but when I’m sorting weeding into booksale or discard piles, the absence of 15 pages would certainly call out for the later in my mind. Great beach babes though, haha.

  8. The picture of the Nikonos was my favorite. Actually, that was far from a cheap camera ( It cost a pretty penny in its day and for good reason. First developed by Jacques Cousteau, it required no housing, was compact, reliable and built like a tank. Nikon went through five versions of it before phasing it out in 2000 or so.

  9. Who said the caption was from the male point of view? Maybe *she*’s the distracted one; after all, the guy is wearing as little clothing as she is.

  10. Maybe they thought since the information was outdated and not useful anyway, that fifteen pages missing wasn’t going to make a difference.

    There are a few at my library that note absolutely anything and send it on it’s way to the shelf. The book could be on fire and all they would do was note the damage and put it on a sorting cart to be shelved.

  11. Am I the only one who’s noticing something odd about the woman on the cover of this book? She’s got a perfectly fine left breast, suitable to prove why there might be 15 pages missing, but her right breast looks awfully squashed to say the least….