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Silly Wabbit

Raising RabbitsWarning! Not for bunny-lovers! Content may scar you for life!

How to Raise Rabbits for Fun and Profit

Submitter: This book comes from my small urban public library. I am not sure there have been many advancements in rabbit raising since 1973. Maybe with breeding and genetics. However, the preface states this book is for the amateur, but a lot of the images and info does seem to be for a commercial operation. I can imagine an amateur here in the city having all those rabbit hutches. As for the rest of the book, I will let the scans speak for themselves.

Holly: And they do, Submitter. They do. Click through at your own risk.

Raising Rabbits contents

Raising Rabbits list of illustrations

Raising Rabbits preface

Types of rabbits

Rabbit hutches

forced matings

how to kill a rabbit

rabbit salad loaf

feed companies

14 Responses to Silly Wabbit

  • Unflavored gelatin and MSG. Yes, those definitely sound like recipes from that era.

  • I did not know that a female rabbit was a “doe”.

  • There actually have been big changes in rabbits. I had one that was a breed that didn’t exist back then. I can’t beleive any place gives free food away any more. And any book for amatuers should stuff about pets as well as commericial raisers.

    • They never gave away free food, just educational material. They don’t do that any more primarily because they put it online as opposed to mailing pamphlets.

      And most books either focus on pet owners OR people who are just getting started raising rabbits for food/fur/sale, not both, so that’s not a problem to me.

  • I can’t begin to tell you how awful this book seems to be…. Method of killing a rabbit by breaking its neck? Ewwwww….. Just ewwwww….

  • I have eaten my share of rabbit, but Rabbit Salad Loaf sounds positively nasty!

  • For some reason I find the “forced mating” more disturbing than the neck-snapping photo.

  • Never thought you had to force rabbits to mate….

  • @jim A stereotype, I guess. I’ve seen a few nature shows where a male wants to mate but the female either isn’t ready or she just doesn’t care for him. Not that different from humans, is it? 🙂

  • Aspic rears its ugly head yet again!

  • If you want to have fun in your OPAC type in “for Fun and Profit”

  • I suspect there have been a few legal changes since 1973 that would be important for anyone raising rabbits for meat and/or fur to know.

  • I’m a former librarian turned “fiber farm” farmer and textile artist. These days, I mostly raise sheep for wool. I used to raise Angora rabbits, but I gave it up because it was kinda depressing. It’s hard to provide a good quality of life for animals that have to live in cages

    I’m going to ABSOLUTELY agree that this book needs to be culled in favor of a newer book (if your library serves an area where animal husbandry books circulate well). Rabbits breed so quickly that new breeds can be established in a decade or so. Standards for breeds/colors change all the time.

    Also, veterinary science advances almost as quickly as human medical science- resources become dated just as quickly. I used to own an old book about raising rabbits that advised keeping all does of breeding age on antibiotics, all the time. Supposedly, this decreased infant bunny mortality. I shudder at the idea of this type of abx overuse, and I’m guessing that this strategy worked for the author because he kept his rabbits in grossly unhealthy/unhygienic, factory feedlot type conditions. A nice lady helping her kids raise some 4-H bunnies isn’t well served when she checks out a book like this! ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) has plenty of resources available as well.

    For the record, no reputable, current rabbit resource espouses “restrained breeding” or aspic recipes. 🙂