Show some class, you vile teens!

What to do when and whyWhat to do When-and Why
at parties, at home , at school, in your growing world
Stewart and Buchwald

I love etiquette books!   I actually think this kind of material is absolutely necessary.  However, I can’t imagine that this book is particularly useful for any modern teen.  As my mother would say, “good manners never go out of style”.  Although the advice is appropriate, we are missing a whole lot of opportunities to talk about the modern world.  In a modern etiquette book I would want there to be a whole chapter on cell phone behavior!

For public library teen collections, of course this is a weeder. In the meantime, enjoy some of this “timeless” advice for young people.

what boys don't like about girls

How about this section on what boys don’t like about girls.  As I read this list I am sure my 18 year old daughter would have plenty of comments for these boys. Watch out for that women’s lib, girls.  The boys really don’t like that either.

what boys don't like about girls

As a collection development point for consideration, I have had many people look for this information usually in the context of job hunting. It might be wise to include etiquette type information in your career or business sections as well.



  1. You mean there is a deluxe banana split and an economy banana split? I’ve been going to the wrong ice cream parlors!

  2. Basically no one likes those things about anyone. I personally hate it when anyone regularly beats me at games. Damn skill anyway!

  3. My teenaged son and daughter wondered what a “first-run movie” was! Now everything goes to DVD when it is out of theaters. In our area there are no theaters that show the older stuff. Except for the game winning, all these should be turn-offs for girls or boys. Or men and women too. Hanging around when they have been told they are not wanted? Poor girl!

  4. Boys probably don’t like girls who giggle at their short-shorts, either! I mean (tee-hee), what kind of bloomers ARE those?!

  5. Ugly font, ugly color(s) text, potentially eye-searing background (I think they were pretty unmannerly in putting such a eye straining cover on the book) and ugly text size/alignment (It looks like it was written by “Marjabelle Young and Stewart Ann Buchwald”.

    If this weren’t a weeder, I would definitely put a new cover on it just because no one is going to pick up a “current” book with such a lame-looking cover.

  6. Oh, come off it, boys don’t care about ANY of that stuff as long as the girl’s skirts are as short as they are in that picture!

  7. This seems a little “old-fashioned” even for 1975. Although come to think of it, when I got married in the early ’70s I was given a book with a chapter on “Keeping a Happy Home for Your Husband!”

  8. Oh good grief, I had that book!

    My parents sent me to charm school (cringe) and that was the text book. I don’t think I could ever forget that thing. I think we gave it away a long time ago, though it might still be up in an attic somewhere.

    Definitely belongs on this blog.