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She traded love for a mink coat! Friday Fiction


Mink Coat
1949 (original publication date: 1946)

The war does mess with everyone. Poor Isabel! She traded ordinary guy Dennis for sophisticated playboy Avery. After all,  he could give her what she really wanted: a mink coat! Avery wasn’t so bad, but living the high life wasn’t exactly how she imagined.  Isabel starts to rethink her life. Dennis tells her he loves her. What is she going to do? I am sure we can all guess.


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13 Responses to She traded love for a mink coat! Friday Fiction

  • Not to be a jerk, but isn’t “I’ll be wanted” actually 3 words?

  • Wait, every woman secretly wants a mink coat? No thanks, Mink Coat.

  • Isn’t I’ll be there three words, not four?

  • Sorry, “I’ll be wanted” not I’ll be there

  • I suppose there’s no hope she dies at the end of the book as punishment for being a shallow, materialistic cow?

  • Wait, am I reading page 5 right? She takes up with Mr. Moneybags and divorces her 1st husband while he’s still overseas fighting the war?? Is there even a word for that kind of low?

    • My thoughts exactly! “Sorry you were away saving the world from the Nazi menace darling, but I really wanted an expensive item of clothing, so sod you.”

  • Lynx, baby!

  • Gosh, I’m glad this book came along to tell me that what I really wanted was a mink coat!

  • Let’s update this, shall we? A woman marries a college professor, hoping he’ll eventually become a tenured professor one day. Soon he has to go to say, Tibet for his research he does in addition to teaching. She decides that he isn’t enough for her and that what she really wanted was a Ferrari. So she divorces him while he’s away and marries a doctor who gives her the damn car. Ferrari: A Love Story.

  • Didn’t they ration stuff like that during the war? Or, if it wasn’t rationed, I know that purchasing luxury articles like mink coats was considered unpatriotic. But I guess if you’re going to dump your husband for a coat, patriotism isn’t on your mind. Although being doting and submissive and “afraid of [her husband’s] disapproval” would suggest that maybe old Dennis wasn’t the best catch, either.

  • It’s so dully written.