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Shake Your Booty

Disco Roller Skating

Submitter: Found this while browsing for roller Derby books.  Copyright is 1979…in need of weeding? I THINK SO!!!

Holly: Do people still disco roller skate?  I am pretty amused by the names of the  moves on the cover:  Round ‘n Down, Roll-a-Bump, and The Goose.  I’d like to see that goose move!

Mary: Although I  remember going to a roller rink in the 70’s and attempting a “move” of some kind (reality check: really meant some waving arms and shaking of  booty),  I will defer to the disco experts out there.  Cue the music! –Do the Hustle!

0 Responses to Shake Your Booty

  • HEY! Disco RULES! Rap drools!

    Actually, one of our dance books that checks out the most is from 1979 and is for disco dancing. (Okay, granted, dance books or videos don’t circulate much at all.)

    If it’s in good condiction and still circulating, leave this one. Sure, people probably disco roller blade now, but still – it’s DISCO! The greatest music since Big Band!

  • Is that a dance move or is he just helping her up?

  • People do indeed still roller disco! You clearly have not been to your local roller rink on a Saturday night.

    The middle school I student taught at still had this title because they do a big “decades” unit in 8th grade there, so they keep this for the 1970’s.

  • You would be surprised by how many people still do this in the NY Tri-State area. It’s coming back, kids.

  • My 14 year old son goes rollerblading at a rink a lot. They NEVER disco! This is a “no brainer” weeder in my opinion. People might check it out just to get a laugh though.

  • This might actually go along with the roller-derby revival.
    I think this book looks awesome.

  • That is so awesome! Especially the “latest fashions”!

  • Look at those apple-cheeked youngsters having good wholesome fun.

  • Disco and roller skates. They go together so perfectly. I’m surprised roller skates haven’t made a comeback. Disco sure has tried…

  • I wish I still had my tennis shoe roller skates from Sears….sigh. I’d sell them on e-bay and pay of my library school student loans.

    • Oh, Steph, I was so jealous of the girls like you on my block with the tennis show skates. I only had the white lace-ups with the pom-poms and bells on the front and always wanted to be more stylin’ on the rink.

  • I’m with Ashley and Jennifer – the kids are still all about roller disco! It skipped a generation there (probably due to the rise of video games), but it’s still inherently awesome… I’m at the rink nearly every week learning how to Roller Hustle, although The Goose still eludes me.

  • “You can’t get the sound from from a story in a magazine”…or in this case a book. Can you even learn how to roller disco from a book? I think it’s one on those, you have to do it to learn it, things.

    Tthe dated fashions on the cover probably wouldn’t get a teen to check it out for more than a good laugh. I agree with Ashley, keep it for a unit on the 70’s but weed it from the general collection.

  • I think I actually own this book …

  • You’d be surprised how many people need to know about historical things like disco roller skating and 70s fashion, particularly when they are doing research on pop culture. This isn’t something I’d weed.

  • I love it! Really takes me back. Can’t say I remember the “moves” or the names for them but disco roller skating was great fun! I think the book should stay as one of the many good things that came out of the 70’s.

  • I was on board until I saw “the Goose.”

    Even my grandmother knows that can’t be done with only two people.

    Yours in Love,
    Denny DelVecchio

  • Hey, Roller Disco still rules! Oh wait, Hulk already took care of that:


  • Yeah roller disco is coming back! I secretly KNEW this was from 1979,because that’s when I did the very same stuff. I also had the same pair of tennis shoes as skates too. Retarded! this is way before inline skates… and boy, when they played “Love Rollercoaster” by The Ohio Players,kids went nuts!
    Oh well.

  • Where’s shoot the duck?

  • I just stumbled across this site from http://www.onlineuniversitylowdown.com/2007/08/50-places-to-find-literary-criticism-online.html
    I have to admit that the whole site makes me sad. Why do we want to discard books like these, unless the library is just too full? Finding gems like these made my day as a kid, in our small town library. This is a window into what it was like to be a kid in a different era, and it’s a shame ot discard it.

  • I borrowed this book in the mid eighties from Ryde Library in suburban Sydney. My friend and I tried to copy the moves.

  • I love the idea of having a Decades section! Totally rad!

  • I’d actually like to own this book! That would have been me on the front cover, but with fluffy white boot covers and Fancy Ass jeans.

  • S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y — NIGHT!!!

    Bay City Rollers, anyone?

    That was always my favorite to skate to back then.

    Now that chant is going to be in my head the remainder of the day.