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Complete Hair Book - coverThe Complete Hair Book
The Ultimate Guide to Your Hair’s Health and Beauty

I had no idea that my sex life was tied to how my hair looked. (Insert your own joke here.)

Anyway, this is one of those books about health and the deeper meaning of hair care. Lots of discussion on lifestyle, stress, nutrition and less on styling and fashion. You might note that the author asserts that career women are prone to hair problems due to all those male hormones that career women seem to have rushing around inside them. Well, that explains a whole lot!

I am sure health and hair are a worthy topic, but I am afraid this isn’t the answer.


Complete Hair Book - back cover

Sex and hair

What you need to know

Career Women




  1. Aaaaa! The piano trouser leg legend rears its ugly head once again! That thing will never die. But this amazingly horrible book should.

  2. 1. The first time I glanced at the cover of the book and saw that the author was Phillip Kingsley, I thought, “The man who played Ghandi wrote a book on hair? How ironic!” (That’s Ben Kingsley. My bad.)

    2. Is the female model Norris Church Mailer?

  3. I am enthralled with the advice that I must not sleep with my hair in curlers. Now there’s practical advice for the 21st century girl.

    I am fascinated by his theorising about androgen ‘the male hormone’ lurking more in the systems of career women. Should I be worried my career is going to make me bald? (Actually, I kid, but at least he seems rather sympathetic to the fact that women with jobs are time-poor.)

  4. “…voluntary or enforced heterosexual celibacy…” The curler advice may have been outdated, even in 1979, but the phrasing here is quite progressive.

    (Doesn’t quite make up for the ‘career women’/androgen business. But it did strike me.)

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