Sexual (In)sanity

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Sexual Sanity
Breaking Free from Uncontrolled Habits

The author wonders if we are living in a time of sexual sanity. Evidently everyone is being sucked into a society that is obsessed with sex. It’s everywhere: TV, movies, advertising (you know, the usual suspects). Wilson speculates that sexual obsession is ruining sex as a “natural activity” to a wholly unnatural, excessive obsession that is leading to “high arousal and low satisfaction.” This is because we as a culture are putting sex before God. This leads to enslavement, which leads to things like excessive masturbation, pornography, homosexuality, voyeurism, promiscuity, transvestism, pedophilia, and fetishism.

Weeping for humanity (yet again!),



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  1. I wonder how the author determined that Mary Sue was “quite responsive to males,” based on “evidence” when she was “given the opportunity.” He seemed to know too much about just how responsive she was, as in “quite” if you ask me.

    It’s terrible how pedophiles are lumped with homosexuals, even today.

  2. It is sad how many people are experts on other people’s sexuality and yet so unavailable to care enough to help their neighbours. I say to such people: if you cannot first help me carry my garbage out, keep your own sexual garbage in your head. Everyone is different, with different needs.

  3. I am very proud to be a queer librarian living in a place – Ontario, Canada – that has legally banned the pseudoscientific quackery of conversion therapy (in 2015). The little gem in this post does not appear to be held by any public library in the province. Thank you, weeding.

  4. Seems like people who write about how everyone is obsessed with sex are the most obsessed of all.

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