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Sewing Children's Clothing Made EasySewing Children’s Clothing Made Easy

Straight from the 1970s, we have a nice book about sewing children’s clothes. Perfectly acceptable for 1971. I can’t imagine anyone in a public library setting picking this particular book, especially when you notice the dirt (at least I hope it is dirt) on the cover. If nothing else, weed it because that poodle costume is disturbing.


Sewing Children's Clothing Made Easy back cover

Find time to sew

decorative stitching

Sewing poodle costume

Mexican boy costume



  1. Actually, vintage sewing patterns are in high demand among certain sewists these days. Women who were children in the 70s are sewing for their own children now, which makes that era particularly popular. Not saying the library should keep that book, but if you have a book shop where you sell off what you weed, someone will snap it up.

  2. That is a very well-regarded book among serious sewists! There is a lot of great information in there. Yep, if you put that in a sale, it will be snapped up. I’d buy it.

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