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present and serve food attractively coverHow to Present and Serve Food Attractively

I first read this title thinking you had to be pretty to serve this food. Well, so much for serving attractively at my house! I am also intrigued by the concept of a “dew-fresh hostess” as described on the back cover. Not only do I have to serve nice food, but I have to look “dew-fresh” serving it.  At my age, I think I fall under the dry and crusty category.

This book hasn’t circulated in over a decade, so I am ready to say that this is a shelf-sitter. (Library tongue twister: say that 5 times fast). I am sure there is nothing wrong with this book other than it screams “my library’s cookbook collection is dated.”

Take a look at these pictures and ask yourself, “Does the food look attractive?” Maybe it did in 1976.


present and serve food attractively back cover


cauliflower broccoli salad



  1. My food-attractiveness talents include: Flop the fish off the tin foil and onto the plate. If it breaks into multiple pieces, it’ll still taste good. If it’s upside-down, it’ll still taste good. If part of it sticks to the tin foil, make sure you scrape that off onto the plate as well. It’ll still taste good.

    Maybe I need this book?

  2. I think this book was dated even in 1976. Didn’t referring to authors on their own book jackets as “Mrs Langseth-Christensen” go out of style in 1890?

  3. The first and second examples are decent enough, but the remaining three look like prime candidates for The Gallery of Regrettable Food.

  4. I don’t care what you do to cauliflower, it’s not going to look good OR taste good.

    I really don’t care much about how food looks if I’m just cooking for myself or my boyfriend, it’s all about how it tastes. However, in the rare occasion that I cook for company I make an effort.

  5. Slightly dated food presentation(it was an era of earth tones and muted colors), but not all that bad. If the color reproduction was a little less muddy they’d look much better.

  6. I’m loving the content on your blog! How entertaining!! It’s rare for me to ever look too attractive while I’m serving food, but when I do, I’m spot on!

    These pics look like prime examples of how NOT to present food! Thanks for the laughs!

  7. Il looks as though a pigeon went to the bathroom on top of that cauliflower. Oh well, at least it looked tempting for *something*.

  8. Just further proof that there are trends in food! Don’t know how many of the “attractive” electric appliances to use at the table would still be considered attractive… or even available! I’m sure the author’s guests were thinking “I don’t mind having to cook my own dinner, as long as Mrs Langseth-Christensen is dew-fresh.”

  9. I like vintage cook books and entertaining guides and most of them do a great job making the food look good sixty years later. However, this isn’t one of them.

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