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Travel Easy
The Practical Guide for People Over 50

Lucky for me I am over fifty and I have decided that maybe I need a vacation! (I don’t think Labor Day is going to be enough.) Lucky for me, I found this awesome book from 1985. I took the mini quiz and decided I can handle traveling alone. (The idea of hanging around other seniors while we tour some exotic location is not my idea of a vacation.) ┬áTravel information goes stale quickly. After the holiday weekend, go over to the travel section and do some fall cleaning.

Enjoy Labor Day everyone. Don’t worry, all your regulars will be there waiting for you to fix their problems on Tuesday.




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A Mini-Quiz for Would-Be Loners

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  1. There would also be a massive difference between seniors then and now. In 1985, it would have been the Greatest Generation, who may have travelled other than being shipped out to fight the Japanese or Germans. Today’s seniors are Baby Boomers, who have likely travelled a good deal in their younger years.

    1. I certainly hope I can go into a hotel bar and order a drink without pain and suffering — what an odd way to put it! In fact, I could probably go into a non-hotel bar and order a drink quite calmly LOL.

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