Seeing Red

Seeing Red coverSeeing Red

Submitter: This book is from an elementary school library.  There was some debate as to whether it needed to be weeded or not.  On the one hand, the author was a pioneer in the American abstract art scene & the illustrations are charming.  On the other hand, the book has been in the library since 1968 & there have been no check outs for this title in at least 10 years (when we went to the current computer system). Ultimately, we decide to weed it due to age, circulation & the fact that there are many other books about colors that might be more appealing to students.

Holly: Good call – I’d weed it too. Just because something is important culturally doesn’t mean it belongs in every library in America. Your community dictates what works and what doesn’t…and this wasn’t.

Good news, ALB readers! This submitter has this book available for free! Let us know (via submit @ awfullibrarybooks . net, not by commenting here) if you want it and we’ll contact the submitter. They have stipulated U.S. only, but will mail it free of charge. Thanks, Submitter!

the king of colors

shades of red

other colors with red

a see through color



  1. Personally i would also weed it – but i would take it home and have it as a coffee table book (or a loo book) just for fun. I love it!

  2. 10 years without an issue? With our public library in the UK we’d be looking at sending a book on after 1 year without an issue!

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