Secrets of Stonehenge

A Closer Look
1979 (not verified)

The copy I found was poorly cataloged and I have not been able to truly verify the author and pub date from my scant information.  However gotta love anything that purports to give you special powers from Stonehenge.  No folks, you do NOT find this in the archeology section but filed with your other materials on unexplained.  Since I am out of my league, I would love some info from anyone familiar with this title.



  1. Actually, there have been a lot of recent archaeological work in and around Stonehenge and similar sites (some of which are discussed here: People are rethinking what they know about the monument, so even a more, well, factual tome from just a few years ago is going to be out of date.

  2. I was just wondering if Stonehenge was 12″ INCHES high or 12 FEET high?
    That’s kinda important.

  3. So did a little research.. verify the ISBN just to be sure:
    ISBN-10: 0960268804
    ISBN-13: 978-0960268801

    Paperback: 221 pages
    Publisher: Bonnie Gaunt (September 1980)

    This is a loose, Christian biased, esoteric book. It deals mainly in numerology, conspiracy theory and wild assumptions of historical nature. I’d personally file it under Christian Fiction.

  4. Wonder if that’s the evil power for the masks from Halloween III, Season of the Witch. Man, that movie was cheesy … but funny.

  5. “A visitor fashions a wire antenna into an ancient Egyptian symbol. He points it at the stones and a surge of power rushes into his arms knocking him unconscious.” Was it all in his mind?

    Time-Life, I love you. As a teen I babysat for a family that had the whole set. I never minded going there.

  6. Stonehenge! Where the demons dwell…Stonehenge! Where a man’s a man
    and the children dance to the pipes of Pan.