Sculpture in Paper

Sculpture in Paper coverSculpture in Paper

Submitter: Here is one submission, based on condition and age. I missed it in my first weeding of the section because I didn’t open the book. It’s a cool idea for a book, but I believe that a new edition would circulate.

Holly: It has definitely seen better days, as you can see from the water damage in the first image below. This one could definitely be replaced if it has circulated well! On the other hand, often patrons will immediately let staff know about damage like this so that they don’t get blamed for it, so maybe no one has looked at it for a while. On the other other hand, I have found items on the shelf with peanut butter on the cover and pages held together with duct tape and prayer, so it could have been checked out several times like this and no one bothered to do anything about it!

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  1. There are (at least) two kinds of patrons: there’s the one that will report a tiny fold on page 102 so they don’t get charged for it, then there’s the one that will check out a book that looks like it went through a flood/fire/war/biohazard and just sighs and goes, “well, I guess that’s how the library is!”


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