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Saved by the Bell

Behind the Scenes at Saved by the Bell

Time for a step back to the early 1990s to hang with the cool kids on Saved by the Bell. Having never watched an episode, I am only slightly familiar with these actors. I have to shamefully admit I paid to go see Showgirls and hired a babysitter to boot. Needless to say I did not get my money’s worth.

Anyway, as trashy tell all insider books for the kids go, this isn’t too bad. There is lots of text about how a tv show is produced and the other folks involved besides the actors. I did learn quite a few things: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen had ambitions about become a mathematician , Dustin Diamond was the “free spirit” and Mark-Paul Gosselaar is really shy and speaks Dutch.

For the record, there are still some medium/small public libraries that still have this on the shelf. If it is circulating, I have to wonder why.

I am sure this book would have helped one’s street cred for coolness.


More Celebrity Insider Books:

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Finally, for my generation, here is one of ALB’s finest books about Burt Reynolds. If you haven’t seen this before, you are in for a treat!

10 Responses to Saved by the Bell

  • If it’s circulating, it’s probably the nostalgia value for younger Gen-Xers. My old workplace had a lot of SBTB fans.

  • “And where do the actors get those terrific outfits?” That’s something I’d like to know, because I’d like to shop there too!

  • I swear we didn’t dress like that in 1992.

  • Surely anyone wanting a Saved by the Bell book (for grownups) these days should get Dustin Diamond’s (Screech)’s 2009 tell-all.

  • Ah Saved By The Bell, the show about 90s kids that dressed like 80s kids on 70s style acid.

  • I adored this show when I was 12. Sadly, when I encounter it now as an adult, I can only watch it for about 4 minutes before my brain starts to melt. One of us did not age well, I guess.

  • I watched Saved By The Bell on shrooms once. So that was pretty interesting.

  • Who remembers the anti-drug episode where Elizabeth Berkeley gets “addicted” to caffeine pills?

  • “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so…so…scared! *sob*”

  • But … but what’s not to like about Showgirls?!