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Miss Craig's Face Saving ExercisesMiss Craig’s Face-Saving Exercises

Are you aging? Do you have time on your hands to stare into a mirror and make faces? This might be the book you are waiting for! Miss Craig shows us how to do a routine that can keep our faces in check. I know all of you want to give this a try so you can be beautiful for your library clients.

This little gem comes by way of a smallish public library that actually sent it to the bindery, so this information will be available to everyone for a long time. I think the only question left is how does Miss Craig look after so many years? Looking for more about this book and Miss Craig, click over to Wild Beauty for a great article. By the way, this isn’t the first time Miss Craig has dropped by ALB, she is also featured here.

Smile, ladies!


6-Day Face-Saving Program

frown with eyebrows

firm lower-cheek area

wrinkle the nose

flare nostrils



    1. Good grief. It’s not the muscles that wrinkle. It’s the skin. If anyone does all that squinting and so on, that person will have really obnoxious wrinkles before long.

  1. I tried doing these while on the reference desk and got all kinds of weird looks in return

  2. Looks like she’s sneering in a lot of these. If that’s the case, I do these already. 🙂

  3. Wouldn’t these exercises cause wrinkles?

    And considering that apparently Miss Craig died in 2003 I don’t think she looks so good except in the afterlife.

  4. Lead a normal life. Be open-minded, tolerant and kind to other people. Avoid having a sh1tty expression; if you develop one, it will stick. Avoid quack remedies, especially when there is nothing to ‘cure’; that includes all cosmetic surgery. You can then grow old gracefully and your face will always look nice. (Oh yes, and use moisturiser daily whether you be male or female.)

    1. If a person wants plastic surgery let them have it. It’s their body, they should be allowed to have a face lift if they want one and can pay for it.

  5. If you want to avoid wrinkles, don’t smoke, eat healthily, and wear sunscreen. You’ll still get them, just less than people who smoke, eat rubbish, and don’t wear sunscreen.

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