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Satan for kids

Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy: A child’s book about satanic ritual abuse
Sanford & Evans

Submitter: “I give thee the most awful library book ever. Seriously. I found this little gem a few years ago doing a project for a young adult class and ILL-ed it from [a seminary!] … but 89 libraries have it in WorldCat, mostly public! Not only is the subject horrible, but the storyline is jumbled, and the pictures are cheeeeeesey colored pencil.”

Holly: This is unbelievable. There is truly a book for every subject, isn’t there? Well, if your community has a problem with satanic rituals, this might be a great choice for your children’s section. Can you imagine a child stumbling upon this: “Mommy, I want THIS one!” Story time on the dark side.  Oh, I wish I could post more pages. Truly unbelievable. Crying, naked children standing in the woods in a circle being told that nothing can be told outside the circle and that their parents have given them to the hooded people…I may have nightmares from this one. Are you supposed to read this to traumatized children after they’ve been part of a satanic ritual? It’s not comforting!

Mary:  I couldn’t believe this was published let alone in a bunch of public library collections.  Did someone say in a collection development meeting “hey we need some kiddie books on satanic ritual abuse”?  This is the scariest book I have ever seen.  Librarians, please fill me in if you know anything about this book or topic.   I am utterly speechless!


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Here are a couple of sample pages:

mommy don't make me go backthere2


117 Responses to Satan for kids

  • Post more pages! These are crazy!

  • OMFG!!! This is seriously over the top!!! Are you going to have a Top 10 Worst Books of the Year post at the end of the month? You should! This should be #1!!!!

  • I don’t see pages. Perhaps my guardian angel is protecting me. Or maybe Satan doesn’t want me to be aware of his evil plottings.

  • Never mind. The pages magically appeared.

  • Is it bad that my first reaction was to see if Amazon had any used copies for purchase? (they do)

    This may be the best/most awful book yet.

  • 1990, huh? Must’ve come out during or right after the McMartin Preschool Trial –


    I’m not sure it’s mentioned in the Wikipedia article but I remember them mentioning Satanic rituals as part of the abuse.

  • More pressingly, what drug does ‘magic juice’ turn out to be?!

    • Here is the product description from Amazon:
      The words of the text and the objects and situations illustrated are based on months of intensive research into the nature and practice of satanic ritual abuse. Any child who has been ritually abused will recog-nize the vilidity of this story.

      Note the misspellings…Jeez! Wait, did I spell misspelling wrong?

  • This is the most amazing book I’ve ever seen!!! It should be on the front shelf! I want it!!! m/

  • It was part of Multnomah Press’ Hurts of Childhood series… which seems to have potential for further awful books.

    And Erin – you’re not the only one looking for a copy.

  • un-holy OMG crap! beyond anyone purchasing this, what publishing company thought this would be a winner? let’s not even start theorizing about the crazy that thought it would be a good idea to write it.

  • This is evil. I mean, funny for aware adults, but if a child is reading this, or worse – being read it by a parent, I call “evil.”

  • The publisher appears to be a Christian publisher, possibly extremely right wing. So this book is brought to you by the sort of people who think Harry Potter promotes witchcraft and picket new age bookstores.

  • This just seems designed to stoke the satanic-rituals paranoia that was swirling in the air about 20 years ago. Seriously, who, exactly, is the target audience for this book? Is it for children who have been traumatized by satanic rituals? Is it for parents whose children have been traumatized? Or is it just a fun book for parents to read to their children as a bedtime story?

    Weed now!

    P.S. I agree you should have a “Top Ten Worst Books” that have appears on this site ten at the end of the year.

  • The amazon reviews are quite interesting.

  • What a huge disconnect between the pastel illustrations and the lurid subject matter!

  • My library system used to have it! It has since been weeded, but record is still there.

    [I’m also in the “want-more-pages-please” camp.]

  • Aw, I haven’t seen a good piece of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) scare or the 1980s in a good long time. I did some research on it as part of my undergrad, and it was pretty much up there with Dungeons and Dragons will destroy your kids and WMDs in Iraq for media-fueled panic.

    There’s a fairly decent writeup of the SRA scare here. But here’s the money shot:

    By 2005, the “Satanic panic” had largely dissipated for two main reasons:
    + In spite of decades of dedicated police investigations, there resulted a complete lack of hard evidence of its existence.

    + Essentially all beliefs in ritual abuse by its survivors have been traced to a suggestive and unreliable therapeutic technique known as Recovered Memory Therapy (RMT). This technique regularly creates horrendous memories of abusive events that never happened.

    • There is no such thing as “recovered memory therapy.” This term was created by false memory type organizations with those defending alleged and convicted pedophiles in an attempt to discredit child abuse survivors.

      Recovered memories have fairly high corroboration rates and many satanic ritual abuse crimes have physical evidence and convictions.

      • “Recovered memories have fairly high corroboration rates and many satanic ritual abuse crimes have physical evidence and convictions.”

        [citation needed]

        How about no.

      • the fact that the wiki you link presents “recovered memory” as a completely non-controversial topic immediately reveals your source as far from objective.

        At Wikipedia, where a sincere effort to express a neutral point of view is a constant goal, similar topics are always in a state of contention.

  • is the book itself part of the abuse?

  • Wow, this is one of the scariest books I’ve ever heard of–for anyone to read, let alone a book aimed at kids. And yet, I want to see the rest of it!

  • Gah. I checked the publisher and author and the entire spectrum of their work together covers such ghastly fare. My library has some of this series including a piece on surviving a prison camp, but fortunately not this awful piece. I wonder if she has anything on UFO abduction recovery?

  • You know Satan is just Santa with a typo.

  • I have to get a copy of this book and give it away at Christmas!

  • Maybe if you drink the “magic juice” it gets better. I can’t believe someone published this crap.
    PS love this site.

  • @fromula

    Seriously, this is awesomely bad. Do want (but def not for my daughter!)

  • This is too scaring :S.
    I’m seeing other titles by the same author and they’re all awful, like “It Must Hurt a Lot: A Book about Death and Learning and Growing” and “I Can’t Talk About It: A Child’s Book About Sexual Abuse”.
    What does this woman have in her mind?
    (Sorry for my english)

  • I think the “Left Behind” series is far, far worse.

  • Surviving a prison camp?

  • More pages! More!

  • I agree that this kind of concept for a child’s book is quite disturbing. However, the sketch of the brunette woman reminds me of Brooke Shields!

  • I wholeheartedly agree that any books that are out of date or irrelevant should be weeded.

    But claiming a book shouldn’t be published or displayed (per the submitter’s comment) because of the subject matter is censorship.

    It’s ideas like that that have turned Christmas into Festivus.

    • Censorship is state-instituted. Removing a book with goofy illustrations from a past hysterical craze is hardly censorship.
      And yeah, it’s so horrible acknowledging that not everyone worships the Christ baby with conspicuous consumption in December.

    • “Christmas (turned) into Festivus”

      [citation needed]

      I’m pretty sure this has not happened.

    • I’ve served cocktails on Festivus. I knew Festivus. Festivus was a friend of mine. Original Poster, Christmas is no Festivus.

  • Hands down, best book posting yet. All I can say is WOW!

  • Please tell me that the bunnies survive! That book looks horrible.

  • Does “The Hurts of Childhood” series include books about protecting children from Attacks by Evil Twins? Or Communists? Or Evil Clowns? Gotta cover all the dangers.

    • LOL That’s funny in a messed up sort of way.

    • *excited hand waving* Ooh, ooh, yes please!! I want a book about protecting children from Communists!! With weak coloured pencil illustrations!

      • My dad told me once about a book that his high school government class used. It was called “The Truth About Communism.” Not sure if it had the illustrations, though.

  • Wow. This is so McMartin esque. Creepy.

    • Like I said – the trial ended around 1990. This book came out in 1990. She probably wrote it in response to that.

      And while there may be no evidence of actual Satanic cults abusing children, I’m sure there are individuals whom use their religious beliefs or lack thereof as an excuse to do it. “I’m doing it because God/Satan/biology made me this way.” Rationalizing it when in reality, they’re just sick perverts.

      Heck, I remember reading that Mohammad, founder of Islam, told one of his friends that Allah had ordered him to marry his friend’s six year old daughter.

  • I want this book for the sheer camp value alone!

  • I actually found this exact book in a thrift store once and bought it just to take it out of circulation. I’m not sure what’s happened to it since.

  • Is it wrong of me that I actually want to read this book? This book looks like high comedy of the top order.

    P.S. My first comment at this great site. Looking at some of these books makes me cry with laughter.

  • Part of what makes this book sad, it sounds like their version of satanic rituals are in some ways a bit like Wiccan rituals….Wiccans don’t give kids “special juice” or insist they be naked (or abuse them!), but they do often hold rituals in circles at night and occasionally wear capes.

    • Heck, Satanists don’t, either. In fact, legitimate Satanic religious groups prohibit membership by the under-18s.

      • My daughter told me just yesterday that another kid at her middle-school was saying that athiesm was the same thing as Satanism. I explained to her what Satanism really is all about and she grokked it much better than this author apparantly did!

  • Okay, that was so amazing, I had to order the book from amazon. Wow!!!!!

  • I have liked other books better than the Left Behind series, but I don’t think it’s “far far worse” Nowhere near as bad as this stuff.

  • Did you see some of the other titles by the author??? I Can’t Talk About It: A Child’s Book About Sexual Abuse , I Know the World’s Worst Secret: A Child’s Book about Living with an Alcoholic Parent , Please Come Home: A Child’s Book about Divorce, Something Must Be Wrong with Me: A Boy’s Book about Sexual Abuse, Don’t Look at Me: A Child’s Book about Feeling Different , Maria’s Grandma Gets Mixed Up, David Has AIDS… OMG….How about a new one…”Little Susy needs Prozac” – she will after reading all these books!

    • To be fair, several of those titles could be helpful to a small child if done well. For instance, there are a number of great books for children whose parents are divorcing and those who were victims of abuse. The real problem is that this particular author chose melodramatic and camp rather than calm and comforting.

      • Tobias:
        You raise a good point that books on those subjects would be helpful if done well. In the case of this publisher, however, I’d have to wonder. Considering that no evidence has ever been found to suggest that Ritual Satanic Abuse exists, the contents of this book are not based on any facts whatsoever. I’d therefore be skeptical of anything else that came from that author or publisher.

  • Yes, more sample pages! I agree with some of the other comments that forcibly taking this book out of circulation, be it by buying all the copies you can find or stealing library copies, is soft censorship and therefore should be avoided. Indeed, this book is poorly executed and weird but it goes against all that librarianship holds dear to actively quash this book.

  • That is horrible & fabulous!!

    I am shocked that so many PLs own this with a SLJ review like this to go along with it:
    “This is a very specialized title that, although in picture-book format, belongs in the child-abuse section of the adult collection. Five-year-old Allison’s behavior indicates to her concerned parents that something is wrong at her day care center. In unseen action, they discover that the center practices sexual, physical , and psychological abuse in the guise of religious ritual. Through dialogue, Allison and her parents reveal their feelings and the beginnings of the healing process to counselors and legal personnel. Some details of abuse are familiar from the lengthy McMartin trial, such as the “movie star room” in which naked children are photographed. The appendix lists 10 guidelines for parents on how to handle their own feelings during this family crisis. All of the people at the day care center are white and look like evil, angry young witches. This is not a book for general readers. The child’s ordeal is so horrifying and the display of its aftermath so subtle that readers need familiarity with the subject to avoid misinterpretation. It could be a useful title for social workers, law enforcement officials, psychologists, counselors, religious personnel, and the unfortunate parents and children who have endured such trauma. –Anne Osborn, Youth Training School, Dept. of Youth Authority, Ontario, CA
    Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc. “

    • Now that makes a little more sense although I still think its should have been done differently and it most certainly shouldn’t be in the kids section.

    • Thanks, Kristin, for posting this review — at least now I can stop wondering what on earth the author and publisher were thinking. I fiercely oppose banning books, but isn’t it librarians’ obligation to keep their collections free of material that is just horribly, horribly executed?

  • Even the baby looks terrified! This is unbelievable!

  • You don’t want to buy too many copies… they might go and publish another run of the book due to popularity.

    • I was just thinking that it’d be funny to see all the head-scratching going on at Amazon as this weird, old book rose in popularity today.

  • Ok, this series needs to release this book: “Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy: A Child’s book about Catholic Priest Sexual Abuse”

    Or perhaps this: “Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy: A Child’s book about deep south USA, right-wing evangelist brainwashing that caused me to hate those who are different”

    I have a feeling the publisher didn’t have those books in mind…


  • Makes me think of the Chick tracks: http://www.chick.com/

    Where you learn about how everything from Catholics to Dungeons and Dragons will send little Susan straight to hell unless she repents and finds Jesus.

    It’d be funny if it weren’t so serious.

    • Well, you know, as Orson Scott Card said, not really seriously, “Catholics are Christian, but only on a techicality.”

    • If you roll a certain number while playing that Satanic game, D&D, I think you are assessed a -2 ‘Hurts of Childhood” point reduction.

  • I just can’t believe the matter-of-fact treatment of the subject. The author seems to believe that satanic ritual abuse of children is quite commonplace and something that all parents should be prepared to address. Not in my world.

  • There’s this mediocre book on one of the school summer reading lists (9th grade I think) about this woman’s experience as a special ed teacher, and how she discovers that this little girl’s family forces her to take part in satanic rituals. But they can’t quite verify it. And then the book ends.