Rubber Band Man (or Woman)

Rubberband Workout coverTamilee Webb’s Original
Rubber Band Workout

I don’t think there is anything particularly bad about a rubber band workout.  I have seen them used at my gym.  I am using it here on this site because of the awesome Flashdance style workout clothes.  Who didn’t have a pair of awesome leg warmers back then?  As an exercise book, I think the pictures are a bit small and they could have had more “punch” in color.  Is this the worst of our exercise books?  No, but it is a weeder.


Rubber Band Workout back cover



  1. I don’t get the point of having these books at the library. How are you going to do the book’s exercises without the band? Are you supposed to cobble together your own out of little rubber bands?

  2. I still work out with rubber bands! I have, however, ceased wearing my “hi-cut” leotard and leg warmers.

  3. Well, Giania, I don’t know what people who check out the books – or the videos/DVDs do once they return them – but I get them not for the exercises or what have you, but because I belong to a non-profit weight loss support group called TOPS. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly.) So I use the books or DVDs for programs. Usually though I go through debunking them – exercises that would actually harm, not help, diets that don’t work like the “Eat Right For Your Type” aka the blood type diet. So in that respect I’m glad libraries have them.

    I even found a DVD for a wonderful program that apparently is on PBS in the midwest. A series of chair exercises for people of limited mobility due to age and/or health designed by a pair of registered nurses. Even one of our members who suffers from chronic vertigo was able to do them.

  4. I owned this book – it originally came with the bands. I’m not sure what a library might have done with the bands, but I lost them in the first 2 weeks.

  5. @MaryAnn – If the librarians were anything like ours, they probably put them in their desk as part of their “interesting things” collection. Like the librarian who kept the t-shirt from a book all about recycling old t-shirts.

  6. Giania — Funny! I’m still laughing about the idea of using a whole bunch of little rubber bands.

    Jami — You should get your librarian to make a display of those “interesting things.” (Note the probably really necessary quotation marks.)

  7. But…it’s endorsed by Dr. Art Ulene!

    My mom had this, just as she has had everything endorsed by every mass media pop doctor ever.

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