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Roller Disco Fever

roller disco

Roller Disco

“Hot-doggin’,” “Latest rink fashions,” and “Mr. WonderWheels interview”


(And, no, there’s nothing wrong with the information in this book.  It’s just funny.)

6 Responses to Roller Disco Fever

  • I grew up in Central Illinois and by 1979 Roller Disco was dead. I think it was outdated the year it was published! Mary
    PS I never did get my groove on with roller skates!

  • Hey…I was so in to roller skating… I even remember how much fun it was to “rex” with a partner. Ah, those were the days.

  • Oh my, our copy is actually checked out.

  • I’m diggin’ the woman’s shiny outfit. Golly, I wish satin would come back into style…

  • (Musical Notes)

    A place where nobody dared to go
    The love that we came to know
    They call it Xanadu

    And now
    Open your eyes and see
    What we have made is real
    We are in Xanadu

    A million lights are dancing
    And there you are
    A shooting star
    An everlasting world
    And you’re here with me

    Xanadu, Xanadu,
    (now we are here)
    In Xanadu
    Xanadu, Xanadu,
    (now we are here)
    In Xanadu

    (Music fades to the background…)

    Isn’t this now a Broadway Musical?

  • How could you even THINK about removing this from the shelves?!