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Roid Rage

The Facts About: Steroids

Submitter: If you do steroids, your hair could end up looking like this!

Holly: And if you don’t weed books like this, your library could end up looking like this:

Image credit: http://myoverstuffedbookshelf.blogspot.com

17 Responses to Roid Rage

  • Hahahaa….love the closing comment and pic. Priceless!

  • What’s his bedroom like? 🙂

  • Aaaiieee! I’m not sure this is a weeder–I would think that just looking at those awful pictures would be enough to scare kids away from using steroids! I may be scarred for life!

  • Are steroids good against constipation ?

  • LOL, Fantasio! From that guy’s expression in the 2nd pic, my guess would be no!

  • Oh, my gosh! Where’d you get the picture of my extra bedroom?

  • Yet another book from an outdated series…

  • Fortunately there were no pics of what happens to your genitals.

  • Is that Sean Astin?

  • When I saw “Roid Rage”, I assumed hemorrhoids, not steroids. After looking at his face in the second picture, I realize it could be either.

  • He is wearing parachute pants! Look how shiny they are!

  • OMG, that last pic looks my old boss’s office, but he did have a bit of floor and a chair showing in his. But it is an exact image of a dream I had where I came into work and his office had avalanched onto him, leaving piles of books and papers with his hand sticking out of the middle. He cracked up when I told him of the dream, said when it does happen, leave him there, buried as is.

  • im surprised no one knows who this is. its flyin brian pillman former wwf and wcw wrestler who died of supposedly steriod related issues at the age of 35 in 1997.

  • Mike, I thought the guy looked like a WWF wrestler. I just couldn’t remember the name of person.

  • Stop taking pictures through my back bedroom window!

  • It’s the loose cannon, himself! RIP Pillman

  • Actually, Brian Pillman didn’t die from steroid use. He died of the same form of heart disease (arteriosclerotic) that killed his father when he was a child.

    Just browsing through old posts and wanted to clarify that. He was a favorite of mine. I was watching the day they announced they had found him dead. 🙁