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Of course this is outdated.  I can’t imagine any public library youth section finding any use for this at all.  I was excited to read about all the speculation for a Rocky V movie.  How many did they make anyway?  Looking over Sly’s movie career its a shame that Rhinestone (1984) and F.I.S.T (1978) were overlooked for Oscar consideration.


  1. Wasn’t Brigitte Nielsen on ‘Surreal Life’ and ‘Sober House’ recently? And I think they actually made 6 Rocky movies.

  2. According to IMDB there was a Rocky V, and then in 2006 a final installation in the series, Rocky Balboa. I’m pleased to say I haven’t seen any of them.

    Same source says that the wife listed here didn’t last, but that’s not too surprising.

  3. Is that a spotlight he’s supposed to be in on the cover? Or are you serving us up a big plate of Sly for Thanksgiving? Or shall I go with my initial impression: “Yar, here be Sylvester Stallone in a porthole, matey.”

  4. Rocky V was about Rocky’s son. Rocky Balboa was about how insanely stupid it was to attempt a comeback for even one fight, even if it was for charity.

  5. @LEslie: I think it’s supposed to be a stage light. I would have thought a camera lens would made more sense.


  6. I thought the same as Cheryl… Brigitte Nielsen was indeed a stalker !

    Debbie Harry never answered my letters as well, maybe I should have enclosed pictures of me… I’m going to try that… See ? This book is useful, don’t weed it ! And thanks for the advice, Brigitte !

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one to think Brigitte sounds like a stalker.

    And while it may very well be a spot light, to me it looks more like a porthole – as if Sly is the special guest star, along with Charo, on The Love Boat.

  8. Bridgette looks so scary today (bad plastic surgery) that I am shocked to see how pretty she was back in the day. Damn.