Rock Revolution

Rock RevolutionRock Revolution: What’s Happening in Today’s Music

Submitter: I found this book on our library shelf while I was looking for something else. I thought it was hilarious. This book from 1969 doesn’t exactly keep up with the trends in today’s music. Especially note number 6, where it mentions magnetic tape, and number 13, which talks about discoteques being the current after-hours pad for teenagers.

Holly: This book is awesome!  I’d totally buy it in a used book sale.  As part of a public library collection, though, it’s definitely outdated.  The problem is the use of present tense in the text.  It’s clearly not what [is] happening in “today’s music.”

Rock Revolution prelude

Rock Revolution prelude



  1. I would say that the black people on that cover look like caricatures, but then EVERYONE on that cover looks like a caricature.

  2. I love point #7: “New subject matter includes an exploration of the cosmos of strange experiences, from the psychedelic expansion of the mind back into the world of medievalism and beyond time into transcendental meditation.”

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