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Risky Business

Risky Times : how to be AIDS-smart and stay healthy : a guide for teenagers

Submitter: Oh look, a book on AIDS….from 1990. I’m sure this information is still relevant and medically accurate! Particularly appealing to teens today are the celebrities from 1990 exhorting them to use condoms and avoid AIDS.  I’m sort of appalled at how many libraries still own this. (But not mine: I just weeded it!)

Holly: Ugh!  This kind of thing makes me crazy.   We can’t be offering books to teenagers about such an important topic when the information in it is largely WRONG.  It’s mis-information.  I’m sure there are a few things here that are still accurate, but we need to teach teenagers to look for more current information in time-sensitive subjects like medicine.  Having this book on your shelves implies that the library thinks it is still relevant.  There’s my soap-box speech for the day.

0 Responses to Risky Business

  • I came across a book from 1987 called ‘The AIDS Crisis’. More about how the media and society viewed HIV and AIDS in those days. Might be useful in a historical context, but certainly not relevant.

  • I’m sure you meant to emphasize “celebrities from the 90s”, but as worded it sounded like you thought “[using] condoms and avoid[ing] AIDS” was out of date…

  • haven’t seen a long denim skirt like that in a while…

  • …well, not LONG, i geuss-but made of such heavy, unyielding material.

  • Treatments for AIDS have changed and the prognosis is much better now. But the ways to not get AIDS have not changed.

    I think Holly needs to switch to decace. Call it corny, call it out dated, fine. But misinformation? Bit harsh without evidence.

    Also, where are the photos of 90s celebs? I think the image of ALF holding a condon is a great way to talk kids out of sex.