Revenge of the Nerds

High Tech HarassmentHigh-Tech Harassment: How to Get Even With Anybody Anytime

Submitter: This book is so dated. It asks you to use a typewriter.

Holly: This is a very…”interesting” book!  It teaches you how to get revenge on your enemies through technology.  Of course, there are much more secure systems in place these days, so I’m not sure a lot of the author’s suggestions are still options.

Here’s a fun ethical discussion point: would you buy this for a public library collection?  I would – if it were reviewed somewhere, if a patron asked for it specifically (or something like it), and if it were up-to-date.  I would weed it not for its subject matter, but for its complete lack of currency.  It is cataloged as humor, not technology, and humor is where I would put it.

Mary: Of course Holly would be ALL OVER this book.  She gave me a lovely Christmas ornament with an “annoy-a-tron” inside. Now that is an evil genius!  Have someone you want to torture? I suggest Think Geek for all high tech torturing needs.

High-Tech-Harassment back cover



  1. Sounds like a recipe for a lawsuit gotten up for bitter middle aged men/women who have a chip on their shoulder.

  2. I have a similar book, of a similar vintage, called “Techniques of Harassment” that an ex-boyfriend of mine bought at a gun show. It is also completely obsolete in the age of caller ID and the Internet, but quite an amusing read.

  3. I would totally put a (more up-to-date) version of this in our humor section. For instance, hit CTRL+ALT+down arrow on your colleague’s keyboard when he or she steps out…

    (CTRL+ALT+up arrow fixes that.)

  4. I knew the publisher sounded familiar when I looked at the back cover. It’s the same publisher that put out “The Turner Diaries,” the book that was a favorite of the American terrorist Timothy McVeigh.

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