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Reality Bites

Schizophrenia: Losing Touch with Reality
Encyclopedia of Psychological Disorders

Submitter: Thought process of book cover designer:  “I know, I’ll use a CRAZY font!!!”

Holly: This book is too old for my public library – we like to keep medical books closer to five years – but the cover is also pretty funny!  Submitter is right – that’s an interesting font choice for a book about schizophrenia.  The poor guy on the cover with the various expressions is another interesting choice.

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  • Those faces above- about half look like they are impersonating constipation, and the other half resemble a stand up comedian talking about taxes.

  • That book looks more like it was published in 1990 in lieu of 2000. I’m going to blame the font.

  • I remember cataloging that book for my high school library. As I recall, I had purchased a number of titles in the series. I wouldn’t weed it. These books don’t go into much depth so the basic facts are probably still accurate for what the kids need for term papers and reports. I’d give the book a few more years before ditching it.

  • Neat blog!:)Interesting concept and apparently a much needed one. :)~Sharon

  • I find the use of “Crazy” font kinda offensive. And the pictures don’t help. Blech.

  • That is a surprisingly insensitive cover design for such a recently-published book. Wow.

  • The guy on the cover reminds me of this test I took online once that was supposed to measure how good you are at matching emotions to facial expressions. One of the emotions/expressions was “crazy.” It looked a lot like that cover. I was really baffled as to how “crazy” could be considered an emotion.

    The font is suspect, too. I could swear I’ve seen other books on schizophrenia with wild fonts like that, as well. Maybe it’s that book I’m thinking of?

  • It looks like the designers missed some sensitivity training. I agree, the font appears to be what happens when a new toy is discovered and must be used immediately on whatever project is at hand. Surprising to see a 2000 publishing date.

  • Yeah, the font is insensitive and the publisher definitely wasn’t thinking.
    The academic library I worked at had a book called “Mental Disorders” that had a photograph of a grown woman clutching a stuffed bunny laying in a hallway. I always thought they could’ve used a better graphic, or none at all, to get that message across.

  • the facial expression thing is REALLY dated. LIFE magazine used to do big pictorials on ’emotions’ or ‘moods’ back 60 years ago…it looked a lot like this.

  • My brother’s schizophrenic. He only pulls faces like that when complaining about George W Bush or the 1996 Dr Who movie.

  • I think it needs to be ditched to on the simple fact that it continues the belief that people with mental illness are “crazy”. People with mental illness are tyring to break the stereotypes and this book doesn’t help.

    • I’m bipolar, and I can only think of one way this book would help. Let me smack people around with it! (j/k)

  • Don’t forget to get two copies for your library – and shelve them in different places… (616.8982 and 157.282 for example, says our friend Melville).