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Raising Pre-Teens coverRaising Pre-Teens: Tips and Techniques for Making the Most of Your Child’s Terrible Tweens.
Dosani, MD and Cross

Submission: The definition of “tween” varies from person to person but generally refers to ages 9-12 or so. This book includes a chapter on potty training, suggests telling tweens that their mothers have eggs in their “tummies,” and that sex is a “special grown-up cuddle.” These things might even be forgiven if it weren’t for the heading on Chapter 40: Wicked Stepparents. Harry Potter did not have a wicked stepmother, since he didn’t have any stepmother at all. All in all, this book is fine as a parenting book for raising preschoolers. The title, however, is very misleading.

Holly: Pre-teens need [true] information about sex and their changing bodies. They need to be heard and understood when it comes to step-parents. They need boundaries, safety, and technology guidance. I bet this book from 2004 doesn’t mention social media, and probably barely mentions cell phones. Potty training? Eggs in tummies? Lame. They’ll see right through it, and parents should too.

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Harry Potter's wicked stepmother

Sex ed for tweens


  1. Even if was meant for preschoolers and not preteens, referring to sex as a “grown-up cuddle” is totally like barf!
    And the critical research failure about Harry Potter is making me want to send a howler to the muggle author.

    1. I’m wondering if I should explain to non-Potter readers what a Howler is. I’ll do it anyway: It’s a letter that contains an urgent or very angrily written message, and when you open it the message is actually “howled” out in a voice about a hundred times louder than the average human speaker, so everyone can hear it. But if you don’t open howlers, they have a tendency to explode. If these kinds of letters existed in the muggle world the current US president would need the fire department built right next to the White House. >:)

  2. The author has clearly never read Harry Potter. That wasn’t his stepmother–that was his aunt.

  3. Providing screwed up sex “facts” to kids on the brink of sexual maturity is information malpractice. If you think sex is gross or you don’t understand it, leave the sex ed to people who respect their audience and know what they’re talking about.

  4. What’s with the potty training? And “mommies” and “tummies?” Did someone just compile a bunch of unrelated parenting advice?

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