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Psycho Decorating: What Homes Reveal About People

Submitter: Sadly, I think it was the author’s MA thesis in psychology

Holly: I have no orange and no live plants in my house.  Sorry, honey, but apparently that means I’m disinterested in sex.  Is this for real?  I mean, to each their own.  I wouldn’t weed this just because it seems a little out there for my tastes.  I would, however, weed this because it shows home decor from 1977.  How are we supposed to find out what our decorating style means about us when our homes are so much more modern?

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37 Responses to Psycho-Decorating

  • If the folks who own that white couch decide to have kids, they will quickly lose the desire to have a white couch. My colour scheme is white, beige, and blue. What does that say about my interests? On the other hand, I DO have a live plant.

  • I don’t have plants or white or leather furniture because I have cats. Cats eat plants and yark on furniture and carpets pretty much every day. And I’m still poor enough to have lots of mismatched furniture. I wonder what I’m unconsciously telling visitors?

  • I think you mean UNinterested. (Disinterested means that you’re impartial). 🙂

    Orange, bleh. And I wonder what it means if my HUSBAND has live plants, and I kill them. LOL

  • The title is kind of awesome. “Pyscho-Decorating” sounds like there’s gonna be human heads on the mantel or something. (“The whole house is white, white, white! Except for the Forbidden Room….”)

  • Would the updated edition be called, “Psycho Feng Shui”? Is it possible that there is not really a ton of psychology behind decorating, but that some people just have bad taste?

  • I don’t have live plants because my mom won’t let them in the house. (Yes, I live with my parents. In this craptasic economy can you blame me?) She says they grow mold.

    And orange is blechy.

    I do have a disco ball in my room, however. I wonder what that says about me.

  • Retro baby, yeah.

  • Mine says “I can’t afford to remodel the 1950s bathroom or the 1970s kitchen.”

  • Back then all houses had lots of orange and live plants (in macrame hangers, naturally). In retrospect it was pretty ugly, and even people’s attempts to go beyond the styles of the day were a little pathetic.

  • I just checked and I was surprised we don’t own this in our library. The spacial relationship to our spaces has always been a hot topic. We have several courses on this very topic.

    If the submitter does not want it, I would be more then happy take it. Maybe it will end up on your eBay account?

  • I hate orange, no wonder I can’t find a boyfriend 🙂

  • After a kitchen and bathroom remodel, I can state with confidence that all decorating is psycho. If you aren’t there when you start you’ll get there before you finish.

  • Wow, my bedroom is all painted in orange, and I never have enough plants in the living room, I had no idea of its deep meaning 😮

    Anyway, by these times the prefix ‘psycho-‘ was fashionable and adding it to any words would seem to give more sense and a modern feeling to your ideas. Just like ‘cyber-‘ in the nineties.

  • ‘Casual use of books’ – Yeah.

  • Still trying to figure out what he means by “casual use of books” – is that where you just look at the pictures? Otherwise, nice collection of 70’s kitsch, but it really needs a bed-sized stereogram (‘music centre’), an inflatable chair (with fish swimming around inside it) and some truly eye-melting wallpaper to give it the true psycho-70’s look.

    “Whoah-oh-oh, psycho decor, qu’est que c’est…?”

  • A much better book would be “Snoop: What your stuff says about you” by Sam Gosling. Not only do orange and plants mean just orange and plants, the hidden meaning is better.

  • Not a book in sight!!! What does that mean?

  • I read the title and figured it would be an analysis of Patrick Bateman’s apartment. I was (sadly) mistaken!

  • Psycho Decorator sounds like a good title for a Stephen King novel.

  • Orange shows you’re interested in sex?

    Christ, the Orange Order are basicaly just an organisation out on the pull then.

  • I thought psycho-decorating involved taking an axe to the furniture.

  • Today they call it profiling or, on the receiving end, victimology.

  • BTW – Maybe it’s just me but I’m tempted to take pictures of my bedroom and ask whomever the submitter is to “analyze” it to see how psycho I really am. Like reading one’s personality through their handwriting or their zodiac symbol, I love seeing what people get wrong about me. (IE: Virgos are suppose to be non-fiction reading, beach loving, health nuts. I love fiction, despise the beach, and I’m fat!)

    Seriously, I’d love to submit my room to be psychoanalyzed.

  • Jami–Go Virgos! Lots of Virgo and/or First Born in the library profession. Finicky, organized nutcases!

  • “Otherwise, nice collection of 70′s kitsch, but it really needs a bed-sized stereogram (‘music centre’), an inflatable chair (with fish swimming around inside it) and some truly eye-melting wallpaper to give it the true psycho-70′s look.”

    Lived through that era, lol. Probably the reason I hate orange anything (except orange juice).

    Instead of an inflatable chair, how about an egg chair? Those were especially popular then (not that my mom had it). Eye melting wallpaper? How about day-glo orange and green? Or there’s the wallpaper that was on the master bedroom of our house (bought it 17 years ago) that was pink and silver – and shiny! (Maybe the people find some 70s wallpaper somewhere?)

    Oh, and how about one of those wraparound telephones (I think Panasonic made ’em)? You’d wrap it around your wrist like a bracelet.

  • The next time a friend of mine comes to me with a personal problem, I’ll demand to see their furniture before offering any advice.

  • Alright, who’s ready to analyze me?


    @Angel – LOL Well, I can be organized about SOME things – I’m positively anal about my CDs for instance – but everything else….

    Though I do annoy my mom. She thinks books should be organized by size – from largest to smallest. I told her they have to be ordered by how the series goes. So she’s always rearranging my Harry Potter and Karen Marie Moning books – and I’m always changing them back!

  • > Alright, who’s ready to analyze me?


    Why, the author can! She offers consultation services at

  • @Eva – LOL She’s still doing it?! Oh my God!

    Anyway, I put in an ILL request for the book. I just HAVE to read it!

  • Don’t know if my other reply got through as I had to close quickly – but boy oh boy if you want a laugh check out her site! Especially this page!


    Engaging in social activities with the opposite gender and being interested in related matters


  • @Jami
    LOL at your messy bedroom! Mine is just as bad, but I’m not brave enough to provide evidence. Kudos to you for not “fluffing” up the room before you took snaps.

  • @Eva – LOL Well, did do a smidge of dusting before hand. But honestly, don’t see a reason to keep it perfectly maintained. Only one who goes in there besides me is my dog. And you can see the carpet! The biggest parts of the mess are either against the walls or in the closest.

    No orange, as you can see. *chuckles* But I do have the disco ball! Wonder what our author would say that says about me….

  • @Jami, All I had to see was the vast amount of Manilow in your room to be able to tell you all you need to know: Clearly you are a super cool chick!… of course I may be biased because my apartment has a similar look.

  • @Gigi – *high five*

    You’d probably be interested in what my computer wallpaper is then –


    To be fair, I also have The Rat Pack, Michael Crawford, and Brent Spiner (aka Data) up there. And I’m hoping to find some small pictures of Glenn Miller, Elvis Presley, and Buddy Holly to eventually put up as well.

    Guess what came! That’s right, my ILL for this book! LOL So now I can just analyze myself! *giggles*

  • @Jami OMG!!!! That right there is what I have vowed MUST happen before I die. Can I be you when I grown up?! (although I think I have a few years on you lol) Was that Vegas? Ya know they might as well just set us up a Manilow forum right now lol.

  • @Gigi – Yep. Back when he was at the Hilton. If you join his fan club you can get a chance to buy a Platinum Package, which allows you to meet with him before the show. It’s nearly $2,000 ($1,500 for the ticket plus extras like tax) but all the money goes to his charity Manilow Music Project which helps music programs at public schools by buying them instruments and stuff. (Plus he has The Manilow Fund For Health & Hope which gives money to women’s shelters, AIDS research, etc.)

    I will tell you this – he talks too much! LOL Seriously, I think he’s just so used to people who stand there unable to speak so he does all the talking. I finally had to interrupt him as I had a lot to say. His music got me through a lot of tough times and I wanted him to know.

    I actually had an encounter with him before that – it’s a really long story but basically, he had us singing along with him all night, I was front row center, my mom’s handicapped so we always let the theater clear before we start leaving so we were hanging out still when suddenly he showed up from the wings, hustled across the stage, and held his hand out to me. All with an extremely serious look on his face. He never spoke, I could only manage “Oh wow.” Then the rude English guy who had been bugging me all night stuck his hand out across my face, breaking the spell. Barry barely touched the guy’s fingers, shook mom’s hand, and the woman’s next to her, and hurried off.

    I got him to say “Oh wow” the next time when we met by mentioning I sing big band music. *grins*

  • Jami I bow in Wayne’s World Style to you.
    I know they are offering the same deal over at the Paris and all I can say is once I get my ticket I may not let that man go! I would do seriously bad things in order to get to sing a mere 1 verse with him (choice of duet would be Blue)
    I’m with you in that his music has been the glue that helped hold me together through a lot of stuff.

    It’s also nice to get to talk to another female who loves big band. My pen last name is actually Miller after Glenn since he is my favorite big band leader (although I love the Dorseys and Benny Goodman too)

    Brent Spiner I have met- but that was a Trek story that is actually really funny. And Michael Buble is another of my loves (met him too)