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I am a marginal sewer at best, but even I can see that the information isn’t too bad in this book. Of course, fabrics and styles change, but skills for tailoring and patterns probably haven’t changed too much. I am sure modern designers use computers. The book is old and a bit tired looking. This one might qualify as a keeper in the right collection/library. Designers/tailors please weigh in on this.





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French dart in designs


  1. I love these books! Techniques don’t change a lot over the years, but the books are a good insight as to how fashions change.

  2. There are far more current books that cover this, with much more attractive, up-to-date styles for the pictures. I would weed–in a booksale, it would sell quickly. Many of the newer books have basic patterns included, which makes the entire process much more user-friendly.

  3. If there hadn’t been a resurgence in home sewing it would be one thing, but it’s very popular right now. There is no shortage of books and websites on sewing.

  4. I actually have found that the older sewing books have more accurate and reliable techniques and measurements, but patrons are usually looking for the new trendy titles by Colette Patterns, Gretchen Hirsch, etc. I wouldn’t keep in the library, but it would probably get added to my own collection.

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