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Submitter: Our submission is from an academic library.  We just withdrew this today. Why are the guy’s pants falling down at the Polaroid Scavenger Hunt? And we think A Kiss is Still a Kiss is just asking for a sexual harassment lawsuit.  The sentence “The Police Department saved up their coupons for a weekend with the Superintendent” sounds sketchy at best.

Holly: No flipping way would anyone do a free kiss coupon and get away with it. Even hugs are sketchy. (Just don’t touch me! lol!) The content might have been mostly ok for about a minute in the 80s, but it’s long past its prime. These hometown productions, typed up by someone over at the local Recreation Commission, are cute – they’re just not that useful anymore.

Kiss is Still a Kiss

Polaroid Scavenger Hunt


  1. So did they get buy-in from staff first? Or was it just an order: You must do this if requested, no matter what personal phobias or genuine concerns you may have?

  2. We did some Polaroid scavenger hunts in college. I think the organization paid for the film and we borrowed cameras. At my college library we do an iPad scavenger hunt where the students run around taking group selfies, and I was stunned at how natural they all looked, while we all looked awkward in our Polaroids. 🙂

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