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Problem Solving with Calculators

Problem Solving with Calculators
Billings and Moursund

Submitter: We came across this title while weeding our collection, and it obviously needed to go. Out of date language, not to mention the “calculators vs. computers” chapter! I just checked Worldcat, and there are 70 other holding libraries – really???

Holly: My niece is in tenth grade, and asked if we had a graphing calculator she could borrow for her math class.  My husband has several from his high school and college days (which takes us back to the early 1990s…).  As it turns out, she gave it back because it was too old to do whatever they needed to do for class.  This was an expensive calculator in the 1990s, but worthless twenty years later.  Imagine how worthless this book is 34 years after it was published.

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Problem Solving with Calculators







4 Responses to Problem Solving with Calculators

  • I remember my first calculator in the 1970’s. On sale, this very basic calculator cost over $70. Even worse, it made mistakes and had to be returned. The world has come a long way since then.

  • I bet my dad paid good money a calculator like that in college – in the 1970s, in conjunction with his slide rule.
    My husband was able to give his graphing calculator from 2000 to his one college-aged brother. That was near the top of the line then but is pretty standard today. But I think my graphing calculator from high school is probably too basic for most classes now.

  • Are you sure they couldn’t do what her class needed? It might just be that they are too specialized like HPs with RP notation v. the more common algebraic notation. I had an HP calculator in HS/college and no one else had the slightest idea how to operate it.

  • I still have a calculator that I got in the late 1970s. It could do very little except add, multiply, subtract and divide. but that’s all I needed it for. It looks a lot like the one shown in that book. Sigh.