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Preventing Postpartum Frumpiness

How to be beautiful after the baby comesHow to be beautiful after the baby comes

After a baby it’s tough. You aren’t beautiful anymore. This book will show you how to get back to your pre-baby look. As soon as you pop that kid, you can start exercising the next day.  (If you had a c-section, they recommend waiting a few more days.) Never mind about the baby, you have to get back on that pretty track as soon as you can. If you don’t, you risk becoming frumpy.

It is all about the priorities, people!


after baby front flap

after baby leg lifts

after baby arm exercises

after baby toe touches

anatomy of a new mother

5 Responses to Preventing Postpartum Frumpiness

  • Yeesh. It looks like this one could be sold as a package deal with “My Beautiful Mommy”. (http://awfullibrarybooks.net/mommy-needs-to-get-pretty/)

  • What is with that life-sized Barbie Doll? I HOPE new moms don’t aspire to look like that!

  • As someone told me in the late 1970s when a lot of young women like me had stopped wearing girdles, that I should always wear a girdle so I didn’t jiggle inappropriately. From this, I think it’s especially important to wear panty hose with your workout gear…er…leotard.

  • I have never heard of Constance Reed, but I’ll lay any money you care to name she either doesn’t have kids or handed them off to a nanny the day after getting out of hospital. (And I’d love to know what Robert Stone’s PHD is in, incidentally.) Who the hell would read this crap even in 1979?

  • Those arm circles things she is doing, that page really needs a caption that says “Come forth, my minions, and devour the earth! Hither, my friends, slither and crawl, do my bidding once and for all!”