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Why Not the Best coverWhy Not the Best? Why One Man Is Optimistic About America’s Third Century

Submitter: Thought you’d enjoy this political gem.

Holly: Written before Carter was even in the White House, this is one of those presidential candidate books that we all know and love. They are a collection management nightmare! They circulate a lot just before, and sometimes just after, the election, but then they linger on the shelf and no one cares. Books about the elected president are likely to keep circulating for a while after the election, but 41 years is pushing it! Carter has written a lot of books since this one, including a biography that came out just last year. Unless you’re the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum (which you’re probably not), or maybe located his hometown in Georgia, there’s very little reason to hang on to this one.

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  1. Now that HE is going to president, I don’t know what I feel. Numb, I guess. At least I can still feel physical pain, which I found out when I accidentally burned myself today. It’s like the world I’m doesn’t really exist, or I don’t really exist in the world I’m in. Either way, I shouldn’t be here and I should go… to wherever it is I’m supposed to be.

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