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Expectant Mothers Wardrobe Planner coverThe Expectant Mother’s Wardrobe Planner: A Fashion Workbook to Organize Today’s Mother-To-Be

This is a good book, in theory, but there is one section that strikes me as odd (images below). Scarves are still fashionable, but the section I’ve put a red box around in the image advises pregnant women to avoid tying their scarves like a classic man’s tie.  The reason is that it will look “stiff, formal, and out of place on you now.” Now? So…expectant mothers should avoid looking stiff and formal, but that look is fine when you’re not pregnant? That just strikes me as an odd statement.

There is some good advice about what to wear while nursing, as well as moving from one stage of pregnancy to another. It talks about mail-order and catalog shopping, though, which is definitely an 80s concept. Of course, there is no mention of online shopping or current sources of maternity wear. I do like the focus on comfort and practicality over fashion, but fashion isn’t completely ignored either – also good.

This is a workbook, so it has lots of write- in sections. The copy I saw had some erased writing in some of the forms – at least the patron used pencil!

This would be a good choice for public libraries if it were updated.



Expectant Mothers Wardrobe Planner back cover

Jewelry and scarves

Avoid classic men's tie style


  1. As a current working, expectant mother (and librarian) I agree that an updated version of this book would be nice. I wear scarves, though I’ve never worn them in the “men’s style,” pregnant or not. They dress up the zillion long sleeved maternity t-shirts I wear. I own nothing like the woman on the cover — though many of my colleagues with teen and adult children tell me how lucky I am to have choices now! I guess that they wore stuff like that.

  2. Another expectant librarian here. I am having a hard time finding clothes that are business casual and that look anything like what I would normally wear. Everything is just too casual. According to this book, some detachable collars and dickies may just be exactly what I need.

  3. For a professional woman in 1986 that cover outfit would have been very appropriate and on trend, in a conservative mode. Tweeds were popular in men’s suits as well.

  4. For some reason the profanity filter at work would not let me open this post. I got a pop up saying there was mention of “lingerie” and “swimsuits.”

  5. There is a mention on the back about “leasing” pregnancy clothes.
    Did this ever become popular?

    (Other than the way I did it, of course, by buying second hand from my favourite quality charity place, and returning them into the dropbox-thingy when I was finished.)

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