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Positive Moves

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Angela Lansbury’s Positive Moves

Submitter: My grandparents absolutely loved Murder She Wrote. They have been gone now for over 10 years. I saw and picked this up at my small suburban library out of nostalgia. When I showed it to my library clerks, none knew who she was until I told them she was Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast. This book is now 25 years old. Maybe it’s time to let it go?

Holly: Yes, it is, but I’m kind of surprised that Angela Lansbury isn’t better known than that. She was 66 when this book was written, and that’s probably the demographic for which it was intended. People in their mid-60s today are very likely to know who Angela Lansbury is, so if this circulates, what the heck – keep it! If not, or if you need the space, it’s probably a safe weed. There are some fantastic pictures in this thing! See below!

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17 Responses to Positive Moves

  • “On-land swimming” after that much fruit in the morning sounds like a disaster….

  • We love Angela. To bits. Don’t weed Angela without doing some serious thinking first.

    Also – that menu though. It proves one of my pet theories: the reason women were slimmer in the olden days was because they DIDN’T EAT. Where’s the food? I feel hungry just looking at it, and not for the right reasons.

  • Those of us of a certain age remember her best from Disney’s “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”!

    • 1. I’m more of the Bedknobs and Broomsticks certain age myself, but as a TCM viewer I’ll see your B&B and raise you Gaslight! Or National Velvet! Or State of the Union with Tracy and Hepburn!
      2. First Barbara Cartland, now Angela: ALB oughta have a sub-category of Health and Beauty Hacks from Englishwomen of a Certain Age!

      • Mary, I’ll raise you a Manchurian Candidate – Angela wasn’t so sunshiny there, was she? And I’ll bet she ate fried food in that one.

        • Right, that too. Also I liked The Long Hot Summer. Funny thing about Angela, she jumped right from being a teenage actress (albeit one who, except for National Velvet, was more likely to play schemers and tramps rather than ingenues, and in such roles had 2 Oscar nominations before she was old enough to vote) to being a character actress without stopping at leading lady. In State of the Union (1948), she plays Spencer Tracy’s mistress, a publishing mogul (getting him to run for president) who you assume to be at least 35, maybe 40; at the time she made the movie, Lansbury was 22. And in The Long Hot Summer (made in 1958), Lansbury IRL would have been 32, Orson Welles who plays her boyfriend would have been around 40, but Welles’ character (Joanne Woodward’s father) has to be about 50 and you get no feeling that he’s robbing the cradle for Lansbury

  • She had an exercise tape that went with this that’s popped up on Everything Is Terrible.

  • I love the fact that the book seemingly hasn’t moved from its shelf in a long time as evidenced by the discoloration on the cover suggesting another, smaller book was blocking UV rays.

  • MSW is awesome and continues to attract fans from across many different demographics. And Angela herself is fabulous.


  • I’m surprised that the commenters haven’t said anything about that nifty jumpsuit!
    Those diet menus always look so do-able in their precision . . . and so unrealistic in real life.
    ….And don’t forget AL in Sweeney Todd!

  • I’m shocked that they didn’t know her. I know ten year olds who know her – and from more than Beauty & The Beast. There’s Tumblr pages run by teenagers that are dedicated to her and other actresses her age. They must not watch a lot of movies or tv.

  • She looks like Dilma Roussef on that cover.