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Positive Feelings

Be Positive: Staying Healthy

Submitter: I am “Positive” that this one should be dumped! Here is one of three copies of a self help book from 1993. Flipping through the pages gave me flash backs to elementary school. That fashion!
With an outdated bibliography in the back, I think it’s easy to let this one go.

Holly: Nice message and a nice book, but I’m with Submitter. It’s too out-of-fashion to be appealing to its target audience, who were born after this book was published.

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2 Responses to Positive Feelings

  • This book came out a year before Asperger’s was officially recognized as a disorder, which was the main reason I had it hard being a teenager. If it had been done sooner, my life at school might have been different and maybe a lot better. Weed.

  • I thought from the title is was an old book on living with AIDS.