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Pong: A Game that is Sweeping the Nation!


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Submitter: Thought you’d like to see this – I had to pay 25p to order this from my library, the fact that their database listed a book about video games (or pong clones in this case) from 1977, well I just had to go and reserve it and see what it’s about! I’d been the first person to take it out since 1999…. worth the 25p though!

Holly: The cover deems this “a complete illustrated guide to the video game phenomenon that is sweeping the country.”  You can even find out “what the new advancements and improvements are.” That sounds great!  Except…it’s so old that Submitter is right: all you’ll get are pong clones.  Once again, we’ve made libraries look completely obsolete to patrons looking for something new and exciting.

Mary: You know it should be a weeder if I can remember this stuff from my teen years.  My husband remembers getting Pong as a teenager and I am sure will be happy to take on all comers in a Pong death match.  Click on the links below to see other ALB posts on gaming.


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0 Responses to Pong: A Game that is Sweeping the Nation!

  • I remember playing Pong on the Atari with my brothers! I was little so I wasn’t very good at it.

    Does anyone remember Atari’s Superman game? People whom are a few years younger then me don’t believe it existed – everyone was little stick figures. Superman was a red stick figure, Lois yellow, etc. Superman was suppose to fly around and save Lois from pits and other dangers. If he “died” Lois would come along and touch him and bring him back to life. (How she was suppose to do that when trapped in a pit I never could figure out.) There’d be this “ding” noise when she touched him. Only problem was, when you saved Lois the entire time Superman was flying with her to the safety point, you’d hear “Dingdingdingdingdingdingding” – got so annoying my brothers used to drop Lois and kill her on purpose.

  • I have this one, picked it up when my hometown library was weeding stuff about a decade ago! As a gamer, it’s a cool little insight into the way gaming used to be, with nearly every game on its own hardware, loads of Pong variants, and multi-game/cartridge-based systems only starting to come out, there are even some in here where you had to put a physical overlay on the screen for your map!

  • Only time I played Pong was as a sub-game in Commander Keen!

  • … so that’s what 1977 looked like…

  • Pong and Breakout came out when I was in college. I certainly remember playing Superman.

  • For some strange reason my older brother thought Pong would be a great present for our parent’s 40th wedding anniversary! I am not sure how much they used it, and by the time I had children it was too old for them to care about it. It was sort of fun though! My speed anyway!

  • Strange, but I had a harder time with Pong than I did with Arkanoid (Breakout). That ‘added feature’ thing sounds intriguing. There are some games out there these days that let you create your own levels to play, but not really the same thing as creating your own games.

  • Wait – there were more games after Pong?

  • I worked at an arcade for a while in the early ’70s, and we got a pong game. I remember thinking that it would never catch on, because the pinball machines were so much more exciting.

  • I was 11 when this came out, and I LOVED Pong!!!!

  • I love “What game is best for you”; you only need one of course. 🙂

  • but why the dead flowers?…why the image of kwan yin?

  • Oh my gosh! I remember owning that book when I was a kid. Seeing the cover brought back a whole flood of memories…being one of the first kids on the block to own Pong and Tank Commander (I think that was the name) and I’ll never forget my dad trying to hook up our Atari to the TV…wow did I learn some interesting language that day!